Burnout Paradise Demo Tonight

Burnout has built a reputation over the past six years as one of the fastest, most explosive racing games around. On Thursday, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will be able to get a glimpse of the future of the series.

At midnight on Thursday morning, EA will be putting up a playable demo for Burnout Paradise on both the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo will allow players to poke around the game, to get a feel for the new open-world approach developer Criterion has taken to the game.

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toughNAME4742d ago

but I'm really eager to give Paradise a go

Danja4742d ago

are you didn't enjoy Burnout 3..? or Revenge..? *sighs*

BTW.....this is the first Burnout that cost $60....pardon the 360 version of revenge since you could have just bought it for the PS2/Xbox

mesh14742d ago

haha u are right the only reason the bunrout franchis eis getting this much hype is cause it was built on the ps3 hahah the franchise is garbage

MK_Red4742d ago

Wow, I can hardly imagine someone who doesn't like Burnout plus. FYI, Burnout 3 is among top 10 highest rated games of PS2 AND Xbox. Burnout Paradise won ALL best racing of E3 awards from all sites and mags (From GameSpot to GameTrailers).

I love Burnout and actually got Revenge for both PS2 and 360. If they ever release a PS3 or PSP version, I may end up getting it.

TeaDouble_E4742d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I didn't know the demo was coming out tomorrow.

Edit: WTF why did I get a disagree ?

rofldings4742d ago

Also tomorrow: GameTrailers comparison video where they turn up the contrast on the PS3 version to make it look washed out. Can't wait! :)

MaximusPrime4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

expect flamewars when the comparison comes on N4G.

@Mark 1: Burnout was born on Playstation. Criterion even celebrate 10 years of Burnout by releasing Burnout Dominator EXCLUSIVELY for PSP and PS2.

Criterion said that PS3 is their main focus for Burnout Paradise.
Of course both format will be awesome.

Criterion said that PS3 will have easy access to online. (you have to wait a while on 360), even more spectacular crash scene on PS3, etc etc.

Read interview with Criterion.

Don't believe me? Click on this link. t

and investigate it yourself.

Mark 14742d ago

If you morons would just admit the truth, that the 360 is far superior. Then the flamewars would end. Yet for some reason you fools can't seem to differentiate fact from fiction. Wake up, Sony are liars and you are mindless drones.

rofldings4742d ago

Alright alright, I'll admit it Mark 1, The 360 is superior...

...In overheating.

lynx1halo4742d ago

two funny comments in a roll........not bad lol

Skerj4742d ago

It's also superior in scratching up my damn games and giving me DREs for no reason.

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GoLeafsGo4742d ago

Hopefully, they've done a better job than they did with Revenge.
That was the only Burnout I did not enjoy.

toughNAME4742d ago

take a bubble my fellow Leaf Nation countrymen

MaximusPrime4742d ago

According to Criterion website, only 4 hours left. that means midnight here in UK. So we get it first?

Darkiewonder4742d ago

then i will log into my UK PSN and download ;3

Korosuke4741d ago

Countdown is linked with your PC time/time zone setting.

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The story is too old to be commented.