4 reasons why complaining about the Japanese Soul Calibur V ad makes you look like a douche

Original Gamer: "An ad for Soul Calibur V came out in Japan (fairly important part here) showing nothing but a mass amount of cleavage. Of course, to a male feminist hipster douchebag, this is equivalent to someone appearing in blackface. One such male feminist hipster douchebag is Matthew Stewarts over at, who went on quite a rant filled with hypocritical statements, double standards, and straw man arguments. I wish I could say he was the only one that’s brought this up, but since this buxom image has made a controversial appearance, others male feminist hipster douchebags have also taken note about how it’s images like this that keep gaming a “boys only club.” That’s why I came up with the 5 reasons why complaining about the Japanese Soul Calibur V ad makes you a douche."

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DaThreats2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

1 Reason
You must be Gay!
lol jp

LackTrue4K2650d ago

"If you want me to complain about something like this, your going to have to show me MORE!"

ReservoirDog3162650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Haha, just saying, when you write something in such an immature manner, it's like you're asking to be ignored whether your point is valid it not.

And in this case, there was a time when women who flaunted their sexuality were looked at as looked at as the pinnacle of what women should be. They called them the 60s. 50 years later, it's looked at as disgusting to display women in what's perceived as the most base filter possible. Pick a side, you'll find controversy.

Me? From a marketing standpoint, the "sex sells" it technically doesn't make sense. The best selling books, movies, games friendly. It's the biggest secret that doesn't try to hide itself. Look it up. But if that's your material I guess they try fetishizing it to maximize it.

Plus you can call that offensive that they think we're so easily won over by something that's obviously trying to be offensive. It's from Japan but it's called being wise. Market things differently for different cultures to win them over.

People shouldn't be so sensitive but they are. If you can't wrap your head around that then you're gonna feel like you're banging your head against the wall for the rest of your life.

I'd say I don't respect it cause they're trying to hard. Poor show.

rezzah2650d ago

I wonder if it is "sex sells" or is it really "sex gains your attention which can lead to a potential sale". Primary word being attention.

To associate breasts with a game will either make you disgusted or gain your attention. Then, if you're dumb you will buy it without any further research, but if you are smart you will look to see if it is a game you will actually enjoy.

ReservoirDog3162650d ago

Haha, I suppose but it doesn't stop the fact that family friendly sells. But they're trying to fetishize it to catch eyes or simply, sell.

I guess it works on that angle but what's the point of gaining the world but losing your soul in the process? That's a little dramatic sure but it doesn't give a good light on what they're doing.

Also, +bubbles to the person who knows where that quote about souls came from (it's not word for word by the way).

FunAndGun2650d ago

hey! I'm offended by that. I'm gay and I like boobies. :)

no hetero


Lazy_Sunday2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Why do people complain about this? It's just some cleavage.

Come on, is anyone really complaining about this?

Majin-vegeta2650d ago

As a matter of fact yes they're not round enough xD.

D3mons0ul2650d ago

Finally an article about the subject I agree with.

mayberry2650d ago

I will file this under.. NOT AN ISSUE...

Lord_Sloth2650d ago

I'm not Japanese so I couldn't care less how they conduct their advertisements. I just want the game already.

Tanir2650d ago

for reeeal! I mean I just want the game, but whats wrong with boobs? Even other women like other womens boobs even if they are straight, only haters and gays dont like boobs

falsegod2650d ago

I beg to differ: there are gays who like boobs

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