Why Isn't Caroline Wozniacki In Grand Slam Tennis 2?

Caroline Wozniacki is the current World's Number 1 female tennis player. She's one of the most recognizable names and faces not only in tennis but in sport today. Despite all of these accolades, Wozniacki is not featured in EA's upcoming Grand Slam Tennis 2 video game. Who would not want Caroline Wozniacki in their video game?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2464d ago

That's odd. I don't play Tennis games but I watch it on tv sometimes and I definitely know who Wozniacki is. She should be in the game.

Ares902464d ago

because everybody would be fapping instead of playing the game

fucadastates2464d ago

shes has been number one for over one year.. and shes not in the game.. wow...

bauer0072464d ago

I know, very disappointing, big loss there by EA

TheoreticalParticle2464d ago

Uh, cuz it's "Grand Slam Tennis".

Woz: 0 Career Grand Slam Titles.

Honestly, though, I think it's just that EA sort of tossed-off the women's part of the roster. There are only 8 women in the game, total. Probably because as horrible as the men look up close, the women would look absolutely frightening.