Zack Zero blasting onto PSN on the 17th January

Crocodile Entertainment's sci-fi platformer, Zack Zero, will be flying into PlayStation Network tomorrow on the 17th January.

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ilovemyps32652d ago

I tried to write the story, 3 days ago, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with my news.

I bought it 3 days ago, and I can tell you this game is phocking amazing. When playing, you will think you are playing god of war 3. Yes, the graphics are that insane. Effects, lighting, textures, animation, sound and effects, no aliased graphics, hi def textures, this game will be like a bomb. Nobody saw it coming, but its gonna blow your eyes and mind. Just an advice, guys: go out and buy some super glue. You're gonna need it, because your jaw is going to drop. Get some good UV glasses, you could get blind after seeing those powers,in the game, based on rocks,ice and fire.

Remember what I said: god of war 3 graphics,nothing more,nothing less.
How they did it, on only 700mb,remains a secret.

You may now click on disagree, but I promise you will come back here, and bubble me, because I was right about god of war graphics.