Gamers rejoice, SOPA has been shelved indefinitely

For those gamers that have been keeping up to date with latest SOPA news and how it may negatively affect the gaming community and the internet as a whole, we have received some very good news for you.

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Kewl_Kat2649d ago

Gamers, what we do in life, echoes in... the internet!

Drekken2649d ago

I doubt this is the end of it. This is what they do to make people lose interest and next thing you know they will vote something in without all of the media coverage.

Spinal2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Yep exactly what i said to my boy. They will bring it back in slyly with a lil less restrictions. I knew the wiki leaks thing was gonna be the excuse government would use to enforce new laws on the web.

smashcrashbash2649d ago

Well I am glad. I hope this will deter people from encouraging piracy and hacking so they won't have any excuse to make unreasonable bills like this in the future. If we behave like unruly animals, like Anonymous and Geohot, they will have an excuse to put us in cages

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