A changed gamer: from PC to console gaming

The unthinkable has happened, a PC gamer is slowly starting to like consoles more than his beloved computer.

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OC_MurphysLaw3168d ago

to the author.. I dug the article but gotta say that the title is a bit misleading as to what its actually about. I went into it thinking you were changing from being a PC gamer to a console gamer, but that is opposite of what you claim in your summation.

justpassinggas3168d ago

The bigger question is, this guy claims to be a serious PC gamer but he's still using a 2900XT...that's a nearly 5-year-old video card and it wasn't even the best when it came out.

TheSleepyGamer3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I'm the author of the post, so hi!

Good point about the card - I didn't want to jump head first into PC gaming, remember that I thought my place was with the consoles. As for it being bad, I've learnt my lesson, it's given me nothing but problems. I did mention that I'm looking at upgrades right now though.

As for the title being backwards that was a little error over at the site which we apologise for.

Thanks for commenting :) .

ATi_Elite3167d ago

1. 2900Xt......My tag name is ATi-Elite and I never bought that crap card plus it's old as DIRT! I ran X1950 crossfire until HD3000 series came out. A Nvidia 8800 would of been a better choice over the HD2000 series.

2. Simplicity........It's called Steam. Steam will AUTOMATICALLY install GPU drivers, hot fixes, and game patches. So i don't know why your lying about searching for hours for patches when if you had to do it manually would take 1 Google search and a 10 second download.

3. Online Gameplay........PC hands downs. you have so many choices and customization options PLUS playing on private servers and playing exactly how you want......for example Melee only combat in a FPS Deathmatch....done!

4. The Cost.........unless your a Enthusiast Gamer like me with a $2000 PC then the cost is irrelevant. Why? Cause the PC does more than play games and you can use your PC to make money to offset the purchase price.

5. Nice flaimbait article with misleading title. Next time try reporting some serious game news instead of making up a bullcrap article for web hits.

WASD 4 Life!

kevnb3168d ago

sometimes its good to switch from one to the other for a bit. And even to just focus on other things other than games for a few years.

fluffydelusions3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I enjoy both PC and console. Honestly been buying more stuff on PC lately though. With all the next gen talk it makes me question the backwards compatibility of next gen hardware. I hope Sony/MS realize the importance of it because I know there are a lot of people like me that will sell current hardware to offset the cost of something new. I'm confident the next Xbox will have bw compatibility because Xbox is basically a PC but PS3 is a bit of different beast. If Sony go with a different arch to make it easier to develop for it may pose problems.

h311rais3r3168d ago

Um just plug ur pc into what ur consoles r in and use a controller? That's a lame excuse "I just wanna sit on my couch blah blah" I do sit on my couch when I feel like using a controller. Poof goes ur excuse and keeping up with hardware is unnescasary. Very few games don't work on pc and it's usually because of a bad port. And most console games r sub hd and. Below 30 fps

PersonMan3167d ago

Ummm. You still need a keyboard and mouse hooked up to start the game or install updates.

On a console, you control everything with the controller through an easy interface.

I prefer having a console because everything is easier. If I wanna play an older game, it may not even work correctly on the newest version of windows or may not work well in a 64-bit environment.

With consoles, I can play a game from years ago if I still have that console or if my current console offers backward compatibility.

kevnb3168d ago

and rage didnt work on ati cards very well because amd completely butchered opengl support in the last year or so, it seems they have it working now, but its months later.

Anon19743168d ago

And that was one of the main reasons I gave up on PC gaming years ago. I'd spend loads of cash upgrading my PC only to find X game wouldn't work on my card, or these drivers weren't compatible, but these drivers were. There always seemed to be something.

And I'm on my PC 8 hours a day anyway. The last thing I want to do is sit and stare at my monitors in my spare time. Kicking back on the couch, grabbing a controller and diving right into a game with my HD projector and 7.1 home theatre just can't be beat for me. Sure you could rig up a PC to a setup like that to but it's just not worth the effort to me considering I see nothing wrong with console gaming.

theeg3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


kinda like how skyrim is broken on ps3 and dark souls is almost UNPLAYABLE in blightown on ps3/360 and how dead island turns into a slideshow when you swing your weapon on 360/ps3

yeah, its lame how consoles can barely run games anymore, even in sub hd with jaggies.

my pc is connected to the following tv's

30" 2560x1600 LG
24" glossy HP

any of those accept an hdmi, my pc has a digital optical out directly from the high quality sound, way , way better audio that the 360 or ps3's meager offerings.

7.1, 7.2, 5.1, 5.2 all supported and integrated.

and the visuals on console come nowhere, not even with a generation of pc, it is not even the same game, skyrim on pc looks a full generation beyond skyrim on console, ohhh, and it actually runs perfect, 60 frames in real hd

anyone who would go from pc gaming in the last 6 years down to console gaming is a moron

most people i know have been leaving console for pc

bf3 12v12 multiplayer arcade lame deathmatch converted a TON of people I know

lol...who wants bf3 to be 12v12???

thank goodness the current consoles are almost done

ps4, nextbox and wii u all coming out in less than a year! FINALLY! They should have been out in 2010

h311rais3r3168d ago

Just plug ur pc into what ur consoles r in and use a controller? That's a lame excuse "I just wanna sit on my couch blah blah" I do sit on my couch when I feel like using a controller. Poof goes ur excuse and keeping up with hardware is unnescasary. Very few games don't work on pc and it's usually because of a bad port. And most console games r sub hd and. Below 30 fps

Theo11303168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

"A recent example comes from I.D. Software’s Rage that refused to play nice with my ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card."

I don't even need to say more.

As for the online stuff, I like the ability to choose servers, I hated P2P gaming on console, where the person with the shittiest connection would get chosen as host.

Price, $600 ps3 at launch, $400 360 at launch, by the time new console come around your pc is pretty much outdated, so why not spend a bit more and get a decent pc. I mean it's not like you only play games on pc, you listen to music, download stuff, and watch movies.

KeiserSosay47883168d ago

Pft...most pc gamers won't even have to buy another PC. All im planning on getting is more ram and maybe a faster hdd. Although, next gen consoles will probably be pretty good; I seriously doubt they will have 1600p support with dx11 like my 570. Its gonna be alot cheaper for PC gamers to go "next gen"...

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