Sony Reveals Old Hardware Still Sells Well

Gamers snapped up Sony's flagship hardware over the Christmas break, with PlayStation 3 sales exceeding 3.9 million units worldwide. These took place in roughly 45 days from around 18 November until New Year's Day, during which time the company also shifted 1.7 million motion-peripheral PS Move units.

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DigitalRaptor3447d ago

True. Didn't Nintendo also reveal this when they released the Wii?

decrypt3446d ago

Aside the Vita, pretty much everything else Sony does sell is old hardware.

Gazondaily3446d ago

Why is there a picture of a baby doll crying?

darthv723446d ago

sony still producing the ps2 and gets a percentage from every new game or accessory sold. The system is practically disposable if it breaks but the lack of BC in the ps3 could be contributing to that continued sell through.

People with games cant just play them on the next system so they buy another ps2 if it breaks. On one hand it helps the bottom line for sony because of continued hardware/software sales but on the other hand it potentially slows the sell through of PS3 games/hardware.

Its great they are supporting the system. Nintendo did this with the NES for some time after the SNES was on the market but even they knew when to change focus and make the SNES the one people want to buy.

The majority of a platforms adoption increases when the ratio of price to selection of games has reached a point that the consumer feels comfortable to buy into. PS3 is getting there but i just cant help think sony is sabotaging their own efforts out of fear. Fear in the sense that if they flat out stopped supporting the PS2 it would drive potential consumers in other directions instead of up the ladder of sony.

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MasterCornholio3447d ago

Many people perceived the Wii to be a cheap next gen system which is why many people bought it over the PS3 and the 360. They must have been banging their heads on the wall a really long time ago if they thought that.


rezzah3447d ago

The best way to go about getting a Wii without having to pay for it is to have a litte sister or brother. She'll have to raise money for some charity thing in school. When she raises the most in the entire school she will get one =)

...Or another Wii the next year for the same fund raiser =O

CarlitoBrigante3447d ago

PS3 will end up selling more then PS1(103 million)

It sells 15 million units a year and still hasn't peaked! It still needs to reach the 149/199 pricetag wich PS2 was selling the most at.

PS2, the king still marches on...

DeadlyFire3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Its very likely. Since its got at least another 6 years of life in it. That's not to stop a PS4 from emerging though.

PS2 is still selling. I am not sure Sony is going to kill the PS2 production anytime soon.

akaFullMetal3446d ago

Sony also just started releasing the ps2 in some countries just last year. So the ps2 is very irreverent in third world countries since it so cheap.

Knightofelemia3447d ago

Sony won't dabble the PS4 until Microsoft dabbles the Xbox 720. PS3 still a great console I bought a Move on the 36 of December and I love the little thing. Glad to see the PS2 is still pushing sales cheap price and a great library who could go wrong great console for parents introducing their little ones to videgames.

ShAkKa3447d ago

Ah, the 36 of December... I got so drunk that day.

Kur03447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

If MS announce the 720 I guarantee a $50-100 price drop for the PS3.

DeadlyFire3447d ago

There is no if. Only when.

Oner3446d ago

The PS3 will get another price drop later this year to hit the start of it's optimal price point @ $199. When it does, certain people are going have to come up with some pretty elaborate explanations (lies) to make themselves feel better around here.

DeadlyFire3447d ago

Move can easily transition from PS3 to PS4. Just with a patch.

Microsoft has already been dabbling according to rumors. I honestly think they plan on unveiling Xbox 720 at E3 2012. Why? Well they could build a system to support the Windows, Xbox 360 games, as well as the new games.

GamersRulz3447d ago

PS2 is Beast, selling 1M units in its 12th year. wow

Prototype3447d ago

I say PS1, but PS2 did introduce me to that crack called Final Fantasy 11, and GTA VC/SA, and Socom 2

KeybladeMaster3447d ago

I would have to say Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X did it for me. Two of my favorite games of all time.

Gazondaily3447d ago

For sure. PS2 was legendary.

BattleAxe3447d ago

My top 3 consoles of all time:

1. PS2
2. PS3
3. NES

Kurt Russell3447d ago


^personal choice

Rhythmattic3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

My bestest (not a word) Consoles.

In chronological order....

Hanimex (paddles)
Atari 2600

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BlackTar1873446d ago

LOl my favorite=card readers lol i win ?

Im jk i just find it funny putting old systems is like street cred on n4g ;)

Unlimax3447d ago

As i said before .. In my personal opinion after all the fuss caused by the devices of the current marketing and development costs etc .. I think that the PS2 was still raised a revolutionary shift in the games industry and it is impossible to find a competitor to occupy the place throughout this period and after all this technological progress, whether the PS3 or the PS4 or otherwise .

SoapShoes3447d ago

Not bad. All their systems did pretty well, even the Move. I bought another one of those for some games that require two move controllers.

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