Worst of: Absolute worst games of 2011

Connor White says: "Here we are: the crud of the crop, the lowest of the low. The games featured on this list are the ones that I had the absolute least fun with; the ones which, after playing, led me to take a cold 10 minute shower with twenty bars of soap to wash off their pure bile."

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borisfett2523d ago

I actually liked The Third Birthday. =(

acemonkey2523d ago

and i like dead island so lol......

c1oudy2523d ago

Same, I liked dead island, but I kinda agree with the author that after the begininning beach bit, it went a bit downhill.

da_2pacalypse2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Dead island was not that bad considering the year had games like Brink and MW3....

Ares84HU2522d ago

I liked Dead Island too! It is a very fun game, especially with friends.

FACTUAL evidence2522d ago

Dead island is still on my shelf collecting dust....that game was just ugh....You throw zombies in a game people praise the crap out of it no mater what....the only thing I liked about dead island was the theme, and the graphics.

I'd honestly say everything else about that game was piss poor....I have the special edition btw. Crappy game coated with zombies for a sales purchase...

tee_bag2422522d ago

There is no way Dead Island should be on that list. It was far from perfect and had the lamest most disappointing end stage but was also alot of fun playing with friends. I encounted barely any more glitches than most other games. I guess some people played this game in single player or something. Like Borderlands, some games can't shine in single player. Playing a campaign in coop with friends shouldn't be understated.

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jc485732522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

yea, 3rd Birthday wasn't that bad.

JsonHenry2522d ago

I really liked Dead Island. This guys complaint was it was "too hard" in the city? Too hard? Nothing about the game was too hard. NOTHING.

Rubberlegs2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I'm a fan of Dead Island as well. I never found to be that hard in the city area seeing how you jump on cars and if you playing in coop it works out better. There is actually quarantine sections in the city that if cross over you get swarmed by zombies and that's where he can be tough on your own.

It is filled with a bunch of fetch quests but so is Skyrim and other similar open world games. Really I don't expect much else from those style of missions with a game that strongly based around looting and leveling up your character.

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klecser2523d ago

I was excited for Doctor Lautrec in concept, but then it was consistently given sub-par early reviews and I'm glad I didn't bite. Looking like Professor Layton doesn't matter if it doesn't play like Layton or any other good game.

Pikajew2523d ago

Mindjack has a great concept but it didn't please the gamers. I still want to try it

Swiggins2523d ago

Don't do it mate, a total waste of money.

The AI is so bad, that I literally fought a boss that walked in circles and fired his gun into the floor.


Pikajew2523d ago

Who said I will buy it? when a game get bad reviews I pirate it to try it

Swiggins2523d ago

I don't normally support Piracy, but in this case, do it, in fact, get drunk and make a let's play, I'm sure you'll have fun....but only because it's so bad.

mynameisEvil2522d ago

Oh, so that little glitch isn't something that Angry Joe encountered?

CrescentFang2523d ago

I haven't played it but keep in mind that feelplus is a relatively new developer and started out assisting Mistwalker in Lost Odyssey. So not only is this their first shooter in general they're pretty much more acquainted with making rpgs imo. I shall give it a try as well.

Sugreev20012523d ago

I had a pretty good year,but that doesn't mean I didn't buy a couple of stinkers.Homefront was utterly awful,one of the worst games I have ever played.Crysis 2,Alice:Madness Returns and Battlefield 3 disappointed me the most.

GrandTheftZamboni2522d ago

I'm half way through, but I like Alice so far. Since you listed it among shooters, maybe it's not your cup of tea?

Sugreev20012522d ago

Please,listing them among shooters doesn't mean I ONLY play shooters.I play stealth,WRPG,Hack and Slash's etc.In short,I play many other genres and Alice:Madness Returns didn't fault itself by not being in my favored genres,it's main fault is that's it a repetitive,generic game.

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