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rhap2466d ago

The concept seems interesting, but I'm not very confident, specially after this video. The gunfight seemed a bit dull. Gonna wait for some reviews and more gameplay videos around to decide if I get this at release or not.

acemonkey2466d ago

leak? lol is that a baby face on the monsters ass? wtf

Acquiescence2466d ago

The demon dog thing has an cherubs face for an anus. Bit off-kilter that.

zero_cool2466d ago

This game at least deserves a 8.5 this game is gonna be a blast to play through.I've seen every trailer thus far & don't care what everybody thinks of the game im playing it regardless!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Fullmetalevolust2466d ago

Kinda like uncharted meets Tomb raider mechanics with a Jack Nicholson voice over, at least that's my impression of the first ten minutes. Not sure what to make of it yet, will have to see more videos of gameplay.

Kyosuke_Sanada2466d ago

The game looks interesting plus Arcadia and Bryce reminds me a little of Travis and Sylvia from No More Heroes. I'm not a big fan of a gun in each hand but it fits the game I guess. It's funny seeing a knight dual-wielding two G36C assault rifles however.....

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