Chaos Mechanica - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Impressions - Has Square Enix Really Made a Better Game?

I played Final Fantasy XIII for about a quarter or a third of the game, and then, completely bored out of my mind, gave it up and literally put it at the bottom of my pile of games, and thought about giving up the franchise.

Final FantasyIII-2 has made me rethink that decision.

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iamtehpwn2655d ago

It may not be what everyone wants out of a new Final Fantasy, but yes, from everything I've seen and played of the demo, and everything I've heard from importers, it's over all a much better game than XIII was, at the very least.

Elda2655d ago

FF-XIII was a great game despite of it's flaws & the negative feedback it gets from people that were dissatisfied with the game,I played the PS3 demo of FF-XIII-2 & it was fun can't wait to play the full game,I accept change & people need to embrace change also.

BillytheAlien2655d ago


The demo was average at best and it seems square put the best bit from the game as a demo to get peoples hopes up. It played like FF13, I mean if I was playing it and didn't know it was a sequel I would of thought I was playing FF13

These imrprovments were just Square exgerating them so they could sucker people into buying it again. I mean it still has the same rubbish battle system, voice acting, characters, linear gameplay etc.

Tanir2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

ur comment fails, by ur logic why don't you complain about

Gran turismo
WWe vs raw

and on and on

if you had a brain at the very very least, you would understand a sequel plays like the original except with advances, new story, modes, weapons, mechanics, etc

nothing is wrong with playing the same aslong as its not the same exact game.

If your playing a game titled FF13 I'd hope it played like....well FF13.

newb lol


He doesn't even look up whats up with the game, he just assumes as a blind hater does

iamtehpwn2655d ago

How is it still linear if the game has 9 different endings based on what you do and multiple side quests? There's no way you could say it's linear.

Tigerfist2655d ago


I still have fuckloads of issues with it.