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There’s something about AMY; it really freaking blows.

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Godmars2902652d ago

This really has me wondering about the worth of "professional" reviewers in general. By all counts the dev team for Amy seemed upfront, provided previews, yet no site gave any indication that this game was going to turn out to be as bad as it apparently has.

I just don't get how reviewers haven't failed the gaming community as much as they might have these devs in at least trying to give a heads up about their production quality.

GamersXTREME2652d ago

Well said Godmars290. Bubble up.

I'm going to be buying this on the PSN despite the incredibly low scores and judge it for myself (as well as provide our site's own review for it).

Godmars2902652d ago

You should probably PM Dexter90 who posted in this review of the game;

check out the full forum before wasting the money to form your own opinion.

Despite the fact that reviewers have seemed to have failed to do their actual job when writing previews, the scores they're giving now still aren't something to be ignored. There have to be play mechanic issues which they must have given a pass on in the hopes they'd be fixed. Though that doesn't excuse them for not ever mentioning them.

Akiba962652d ago

Well you cant just attack journalists for creating positive previews for games that turn out bad. For one, previews are meant to impress, especially when the game itself is bad. What I mean by that is that when devs show off their game, bad or not, they want to show off something that will impress journalists the most. They rely on these previews to get their game out their on the major journalism sites, and they want them to be good previews. So maybe they showed a section of the game that made the game look very unique or maybe even made the story seem good.

Another reason is because journalists HAVE to give games the benefit of the doubt. Journalists need to have a certain amount of respect for devs. They realize that these people spend around two years on a game and our relying on the game to sell well. This goes doubly for indie devs like those for Amy. So when journalists preview a game that seems really iffy, they have to give them the benefit of the doubt, just out of respect.

But dont take my word for it...

This is a podcast from IGN. In this pocast they discuss why Amy was so bad and also give a journalist's view on why Amy got the good previews it did, going over many of the points I just made.

TF_PtMaster2652d ago

True, but i believe not always the reviewers had the opportunity to try the game with preview codes.

CaptainMarvelQ82652d ago

Something weird is that when I saw the ratings on the PSN store (UK) there were about 425 ratings with a 4/5 stars
Are people really enjoying this game?!