Subscriptions are not the future, they are the past

In this opinion piece, Gamasutra contributor and Games Brief's Nicholas Lovell argues that game subscriptions are not "the Holy Grail of the industry," and that the subscriptions period is now over.

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fluffydelusions2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I'd prefer the free approach but I can understand the reasoning behind subscriptions...bandwidth/serv er upkeep isn't free and it certainly isn't cheap. $15 a month isn't too bad if you get a lot of pleasure and time out of playing the game. Personally enjoying SWTOR and will gladly pay $15 a month to continue to play it.

DeeBee2654d ago

I believe the subscription games are (or will be) a thing of the past.

The biggest problem is market saturation. A handful of years back paying a monthly subscription fee was rare and the exception to the rule. So you were never torn between paying to play one game or another. Fast forward to today and virtually EVERY online game is demanding a monthly fee to play it. This has had a severe impact on the gaming scene as we see failure after failure to steal WoWs thunder, and thus those failures have died and the gaming world has lost what could have been a decent game.

Finally though the free to play model has gained traction and we've all seen how they can be more profitable than the fixed subscription fee games.

So yeah, give it a few more years and subscription fees will be a thing of the past.