OXM dissects Skyrim: what else can Bethesda cut?

OXM's Edwin writes: "Skyrim is a more fluid, intuitive experience for its relative shortage of background options - you spend less time poking at raw numbers, and more time poking at bandits. The question then, for me, is: will the process of streamlining continue with Elder Scrolls 6? And where should Bethesda draw the line?"

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dirigiblebill2656d ago

I'd also consider losing the horses, even though I love mine. They're expensive, easily lost luxuries and it's a bit weird that nobody else in Skyrim rides them.


There is a noble ridig a horse along the roads of Skyrim.

MariaHelFutura2656d ago

You should be able to revive your horse and attack while riding it.

DragonKnight2656d ago

Are you kidding? I have Shadowmere and CAN'T get rid of it even if I tried. It's HP and HP regen is so high it can take on an Ancient Dragon by itself for a long time. All it does is run away, come back and try again when its life gets low. The standard horses you buy are garbage but Shadowmere is immortal or something. But I really don't like that because my character that has Shadowmere is an Assassin and I haven't to leave Shadowmere far away from any fight if I want to sneak up, or else I have to Calm the enemy to get the backstab.

And because I have 30x backstab damage, and pitiful normal damage, you could see why I want to sneak up to enemies.

I wish they'd do away with all the interactive objects. I don't need wooden plates, buckets, brooms, clothing irons, etc.. And when I'm trying to pick up some gold around a tankard, there is a 50% chance I'll pick up the tankard by accident and have to drop it. Plus, it would eliminate the lag/freeze problem of the game on my PS3.

BillytheAlien2656d ago

I'm not saying get rid of them completely but how about the constant need to keep refilling the enchantments or Staffs or enchanted weapons....the whole soul gem thing is a pain to do. I think when you get Azuras Star it should do it automaticaly.

"By the same token, I'd probably get rid of the children. Do they make Skyrim's settlements feel realer than Oblivion's? Indubitably. Do they make Skyrim's settlements more irritating than Oblivion's? Most certainly - not least because you can't electrocute kiddies to fragments when they moan about their Dickensian day jobs. Stupid artistic moral standards."

Then they should let us kill them.....sorry, harsh as it may be, if you can brutaly kill an adult NPC then I don't see why zapping a child to death is any differen't. It's just a game

DragonKnight2656d ago

Because then you'd see those groups of people with nothing better to do than b*tch that a game lets you kill children and it'll be all over Fox News.

Arts10002656d ago

Good Points and yet another level for Bethesda refinement .

It amazes me how may hours I have clocked and still have not seen half of it .
I have not done much with all the crafting , cooking etc but perhaps I will , ................

I mean , I would ..........

If I could actually still get the game to play without freezing into a block of ice .
Mine just died on PS3 ........Holding a funeral tonight as I fire up Saints Row 3
Crocodile tears .

A love affair gone very sour .
Awwwww pooooooor ps3 gamer . ( p oed )

Captain Qwark 92656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

or they could add to it to make it as varied as morrowind once again. dumbing down my games for the mainstream crowd is getting a little irritating.

or at the very least, keep the options and go the bioware route, add two modes, one for those of us who like the game becuase of how complex and varied it used to be and a mode for those of you who want to do nothing but walk around and kill people

good changes for me would be...
-add more races
-better dungeons with traps, secret passages, multiple paths, end of dungeon unique bosses
-more types of magic
-far more challenging
-more loot
-more enemy variety
-more non combat abilities
-more realistic melee combat ( similar to dark souls but in first person )
-melee finishers that arent random

LightofDarkness2655d ago

Sounds to me like you want Morrowind :P

Captain Qwark 92655d ago

your correct sir, i want a sequel to elder scrolls. morrowind built upon the previous two, as a sequel should. then oblivion, while solid was a step backwards. and skyrim is an even farther step backwards from that. i dont think i need to remind people of what happens when you take steps back....

( dragon age origins to dragon age 2 )

( mass effect 1 to mass effect 2 )

dropping rpg elements does nothing to push the genre forward, just helps to make it cease to exist. they need to redefine rpg elements not remove them.

LightofDarkness2655d ago

Yeah, it's funny how other genres are constantly trying to add RPG elements, while the RPG genre seems to be trying to shirk them off. So now we have RPGs that feel more like action games and action games that feel more like RPGs. Those silly gooses.

brish2656d ago

I suggest cutting the bugs. The game would be significantly better without them!

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