Freeware Game Pick – I Shall Remain: Prologue

DIYGamer: "Via press release we receive word that the first part of John Way’s top-down zombie survival RPG I Shall Remain is now available to download for free. The prologue is available for all on IndieDB, weighing in at just under a gig. Originally a Kickstarter effort that fell short of its goal, the lack of funding didn’t deter the Way’s team from going forward with the project, and now we have the first of those fruits with supposedly more in the works. Good on them I say.

I Shall Remain has you controlling a memory-impaired Marine who has awoken in a city infected. As you start to remember your past and more importantly your training, survivors will turn to you to organize and lead a last stand against the overwhelming undead horde closing in. Traverse the city, organize teams and equip them to fight, mow down throngs of zombies with guns, explosives, and vehicles. Execute a solid plan intelligently to give yourself and your peers a chance to make it out alive."

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