Bing and Kinect Can Make You Talk To Your XBox

Microsoft is not only developing Bing as a search engine on the internet to compete with Google. Bing has also been integrated into the XBox game console to enhance the user’s experience to make it more interactive.

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Psychonaughty2654d ago

Don't get me wrong I have a Kinect and I want it to succeed but controlling my 360's dashboard with voice is not winning me over, I'm sure most people are like me and would rather use buttons as it's just plain quicker and more convenient (and it works everytime).

Heck if I could get my friends to do things for me by pressing a button on them instead of having to talk to them I would so maybe I'm not Microsoft's demographic...

mcstorm2654d ago

I like what MS are doing with the 360 at the moment you can see them building a platform not just for consoles but in the 3 big devices they have in PC xbox and Windows Phone.

I know some people dont like this but if you look at the bigger picture it is the was MS are going to go with everything. Android is liked around everything Google apple are starting to build everything around Itunes so for MS to go against them both Bing is the centre of there searches across there platforms so searching bing for music will give you the results for MS own Zune or LastFM and more. The you got videos which will search Zune, Lovefilm, netflix ect.

MS are now starting what they should of done 10 years ago and go there own way not follow everyone else and I think over the next 5 years it will of worked out very well for them.

bahabeast2654d ago

firstly microsoft is full of shiz everything in the guys cabinet is green wtf. now i like how microsoft is useing the kinect for voice controls now i think its the best of kinect. im from bahamas soo accent will be a problem, one of my friends has kinect and after going into the apps it couldnt understand him saying youtube for nothing in the world. i, om the fence for not but once everything is ironed out ill buy a kinect for sure, just damn sure wnt be playing games with it.

Bon Scott2654d ago


for a company that wasn't even supposed to last this gen out because of certain Japanese gaming competition...........nuff said there.
But of these new innovations with the 360,
MS is trying to be excepted.
They haven't pulled out of Japan....yet......they should though.
I think this Bing meets Kinect meets everything else eventually might pay off.
The question is,how long till Sony and others will want to use this tech.

Is it then that N4g will think it's cool to be able to use voice commands with your console of choice........hmmmm?

hellvaguy2654d ago

What MS should do is put a pic of a girl on the kinect navigation menus. Then at the end of the day, we can all brag to our friends about about we actually talked to a girl and she didnt laugh at us, call us mean/nerdy names, or run away.