Japan Gamers Still Want the Wii

Japanese multi-platform game magazine Gamaga (formerly Dorimaga), has released a series of polls which shows nearly two-thirds of voters are most interested in the Wii.

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RebelRazer3606209d ago

Japan is just like a girl that likes another guy... You can try to get her to like you but it's pretty much hopeless. So why bother.

Go after the world XBOX 360 then when the whole world likes you except Japan they may take interest.

Marriot VP6209d ago

It's shocking how much the Wii is on top in Japan. Japan was expected to grab up the PS3 with at least 80% of the market, like before. This time it's very different.

65%: Wii
19%: PS3
13%: Xbox 360

360's and PS3's difference is around 6%. That's monumental. I couldn't believe it myself. Now I know people will say the 65% Wii is mostly going to become a Wii + PS3. Which is will probably be true over time, but that still doesn't take away the fact that the PS3's outlook being 50-60% in Japan. Additionally only 45% now say they definately won't buy a 360.

Bottomline I'm not saying Wii or 360 rulz and ps3 droolz. It's just that this round, their loyal fanbase is being shaken down for all their worth. Sony said it themselves that they don't care about their market share (xx%), they care about the new format...blu-ray. It's simply not primarily meant to be a gaming machine. Their salvation rely's souly on Blu-ray, which can go either way by a whim.

The truth will set you free...

OutLaw6209d ago

Nintendo is making a name for them selves again in Japan. Which is nice to see. Japan already trust them over Sony because of the DS vs PSP. So they already started gaining the momentum back. Sony has its work cut out for them. Because the DS proves it's more about the games, not about the technology and the same may go for the systems.

FamoAmo6209d ago

No doubt Japan is big in gaming and I agree with you on the Nintendo gaining momentum in Japan. The DS was big for nintendo and I think people are expecting the same from Wii!! The 360 might not do so we'll in Japan but the 360 wasn't expected to do we'll and if they meet or exceed their expectations its a win for MS. I think with the price of the ps3 vs. Nintendo and 360 Japanese people in Japan don't want to pay that much. I think for Japan the PS3 is ahead of it's time. Japanese gamers don't need blu ray or 1080p b/c lets be real 99.79% of them don't have the technology's in their living room. I already see with the arcade MS and Nintendo are putting out some of the same games and I WOULD BE READY FOR THEM TO TEAM UP, PACKAGE BOTH CONSOLES AS 1 AND TAKE THE MARKET BY A LANDSLIDE!!! Anyone else see that?

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