Alan Wake: Now With The Sweet Horde Mode You Never Asked For

Kotaku - Yes, you read that right. Alan Wake now has a horde mode, and a rather good one at that. It seems that every game has one these days. However, is this something that Alan Wake fans want?

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RyuDrinksTheDew2652d ago

ill take anything at this point.

im just happy there is more Alan Wake.

Psychonaughty2652d ago

The title made me laugh but I can't be arsed to read the actual article as it's obviously flaim bait, no we didn't ask for this but hey I'm open to more Alan Wake no matter what form it comes in as the original was superb if a little repetitive.

PandaJenkins2652d ago

Well it is not something I asked for, it doesn't seem like a bad decision for a downloadable title. Good way to extend playtime and worth.

xX1NORM1Xx2652d ago

actually i remember a few people asking for it on facebook after the second DLC came out but i cant wait to play it

jetlian2652d ago

they actually praise it. they say its pretty good

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