WWE ’12 Developers Comment On THQ Folding Rumors

WWE ’12 Creative Director Cory Ledesma and WWE ’12 Community Manager Marcus Stephenson have both commented on twitter today about the rumor that THQ may be closing its doors really soon.

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-Alpha2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Not to be a jerk, but the twitter guy is right. It's time the WWE games get a shakeup because its clear that they aren't doing jack with it.

I don't wish ill on the developers, but I want a good wrestling game at least, and if they can't do it then it's time for someone more capable to step in and give the series a much needed change

Urrakia342651d ago

It's essentially become the wrestling version of Madden. Yearly releases with minimal improvements.

topgeareasy2651d ago

minimal improvements lol

I could be wrong but doesn't wwe 12 use a new engine or something

StanSmith2651d ago

While the WWE games have been lackluster, there is no need to be an asshole to the developers. These people probably have wives and kids to feed and that person wished that they would lose their job. Sorry but they are an asshole.