The Five Most Surprisingly Difficult Trophies and Achievements

We've all heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but many gamers do just this. Naturally when a trophy list is leaked, many people start to judge the games’ difficulty. Several gamers thought Lost Planet 2’s hardest trophy was play 300 chapters, but it turned out those titles were quite insane. This is one of many games where the appearance was quite deceiving and it got me thinking what other games have surprisingly hard tasks. This of course led to my five most surprising or “troll” trophies out there

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NovusTerminus2469d ago

Score attack is a bitch. Though I had no problems with Ragna. But I did not beat it due to Unlimited Rachel.

She hits the entire screen. It did not end well at all!
Though I would add one more trophy!

"Hardcore" Dead Space 2
Proud that I got this trophy. But DAMN that was insane!

MightyMark4272469d ago

Mine would be Demon's Souls and Dark Souls =/

Blastoise2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Completing World at war on veteran. So many grenades!

MoreRPG2469d ago

and not enough hands to throw then back

Relientk772469d ago

Agree World at War sucked on veteran

pucpop2469d ago

treasure island dizzy is tough

one2thr2469d ago

KILLZONE 2: on elite
WarHawk: platinum trophy
Demon Souls: king duran
Uncharted 2: lazarievich on crushing
MGS4: big boss mask (wasn't a trophy, but it counted as something within the game)
MotorStorm Pacific Rift: platinum trophy
Flow: getting through the game without eating anything
GT5: platinum trophy
Little Big Planet 2: Get through the game without dying
And the list goes on....

Son_Lee2469d ago

Old King Doran is easy if you cheese him and use his A.I. and aggro limit to backstab him constantly.

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