CheatCC: What We Want From Half-Life 3

Josh Wirtanen: Half-Life 3 is a title that gets people excited. Rumors are started all the time about an official reveal from Valve, yet the people who get too invested in those rumors are always disappointed. (We took a look at a few of the more recent rumors in a piece called "Do You Believe in Half-Life 3?") By now, fans have some pretty serious expectations, and in this feature we look at the things we'd personally like to see in Half-Life 3.

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BillytheAlien2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )


No......just no

Why is it that people would want to ruin a good single player game for crappy co-op. Just so you and your friend can show off at each other. What about if your mates get it for a differen't platform to you like what happened with me and Portal 2. It's not why I hated Portal 2s co-op it was more because I knew for a fact that the story (added test chambers, secrets, time trails, challenges) could of been added to the single player, Valve said themselfs they cut the script of Portal 2 to make way for really they had a lot more up their sleeve for single player. They could of added co-op as DLC since adding a co-op mode is easier then adding more content to an already finished story.

HL should NEVER have co-op

Chnswdchldrn2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

jesus christ article why dont you just call the game call of half life while your at it



What a fucking moron, half life is first and foremost a SINGLE PLAYER FRANCHISE.

You want coop? go play fucking L4D or L4d2, those games have fucking amazing coop. You want puzzle solving and or puzzle solving coop? Go play portal 2, that game is awesome in both categories

You want the most DEFINITIVE solid/polished and fun single player first person shooter experience?

Play Half life. this game does NOT need co-op, I don't care how many of you and your bro idiots want to play it and ruin the experience by shouting and laughing through the microphone

I don't want a single damned resource wasted on developing some tacked on co-op for this game so every codtard can find "value" in it.

I'm tired of idiots always wanting some sort of multiplayer, even if its tacked on, attached to a good single player game to find any replayability and thus reason to purchase.

Oh and BTW, if you seriously want coop for a single player experience like half life, then just wait for the fucking modders to do it for you. Ever hear of Synergy? Just let valve concentrate all their efforts on SINGLE PLAYER ONLY.

Above guy, I can't agree more with you

There are some games where talking on a mic with your buddy while enjoying a beer enhances the experience; Halo coop, Gears coop, etc....half life in all honesty is a game you sit down quietly and enjoy by yourself, and just let the atmosphere and story totally soak into you. Any more players and you've totally ruined the experience.

Oldman1002651d ago

Why does every FPS have to require ADS nowadays? You don't see people complaining about it's absence in Halo...

Pikajew2650d ago

I am replaying Half-Life 2 and I want a longer campaign. HL2 is about 20 hours long so make HL3 about 40 hours long

admiralthrawn872650d ago

i disagree with this writer. iron sights on half-life? not to be blunt but FUCK YOU. I'm so sick of CoD's lingering shadow over modern shooters. Continue story, improve graphics (obviously), no co-op, and another revolutionary gun like the gravity gun or portal gun.

ThichQuangDuck2650d ago

Are people excited for Half Life 3 the game that has yet to be announced officially. I cannot tell by all the stories and speculation