Duke Nukem 3D comes to CryEngine 3 with the Nuked Crysis Mod

DSOGaming writes: "Now that’s what we’re talking about. Modder Anzer has just released the first screenshots of his upcoming mod for Crysis 2, Nuked Crysis. What is Nuked Crysis you ask? Well, it’s a re-imagining of Duke Nukem 3D in CryEngine 3, with Crysis 2′s assets. Anzer released some comparison shots and we have to say that Nuked Crysis is true to Duke Nukem 3D’s spirit."

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Justinakach0ppa3176d ago

wow this looks insanely good seriously cannot wait to get my hands on it.

megalonagyix3176d ago

Nothing improved... /s :D

KillerPwned3176d ago

wow this looks amazing cannot wait to try it out.

FinaLXiii3176d ago

IF it plays the same way its a win right there.

john23175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

There will obviously be some issues as a complete mod is A LOT for just one guy. For example what enemies will it include? Will it feature nanosuit? In other words, will Nuked Crysis be a re-map thing or a complete mod?

If, on the other hand, his team expands with dedicated people, then we can hope for a proper DN3D mod

IWentBrokeForGaming3176d ago

This is a total bum out considering what Duke Nukem Forever could've truely been... this is what I wish I could've bought!

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