The PS3 Was The Top Selling Console In France In 2011

In France the PS3 closed 2011 with a high note. With 845,000 units of hardware sold last year, Sony’s black box was the only system that recieved an increase in sales year to date in that part of the world.

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Hellsvacancy2658d ago

Its not the United Staes Of The World so it doesnt count/matter

Projekt7tuning2658d ago

France doesn't = the world.
lol. I'm sorry I had to do it lol.

FlashXIII2658d ago

Yeah but unlike a certain country, French people aren't deluded enough to believe that it does equal the world.

Projekt7tuning2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Yeah, Spain is kinda strange huh? lol

Tanir2658d ago

it woulda won World wide but people had to replace their old RROD 360's with the newer slim versions. Goodjob MS, making sure the old systems broke constantly helps boost ur sales.

Im just Jokin :D

eitherway both consoles are doing fine, doesn't matter to me if ps3 is 3rd place, its still first place to me, and the wii is last place, like......last place of all generations and time :3

jthamind2658d ago

why does this even matter? lol.

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