JAPAN: Lost Odyssey Will Wow TGS

In this week's Japan column, we look at Hironobu Sakaguchi's Lost Odyssey, the game that could steal the Tokyo Game Show and reverse Xbox 360's fortunes over there…

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ASTAROTH5852d ago

Japan is a dead terrytory for the 360. I dont know if this game is exclusive. If not it would end on the PS3. I hope it is and it come to the US. It really looks good. I will focus on American games for my 360, no much hope in japan.

PS360PCROCKS5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

Ok if you ACTUALLY READ the article before making an off-place comment than you would know both games mentioned, this one and Blue Dragon are very exclusive to the Xbox 360, While Final Fantasy is (not to me) a legacy now, people do get sick of re-hashes and re-makes at some point in time and like to try new things. Writing off this game now before it's even been shown is completely ludicrous. While I most likely won't buy this game, because I have never been into this sort of genre, I will surely give the demo a try. I applaud Microsoft for getting an amazing game developer to make two exclusive games for them solely for Japan. I applaud the fact that a game developer walked away from fame and fortune to try something new, to make a new game, a new idea, to be creative. The gaming industry needs more people to be creative than just taking the same game (final fantasy) and slapping another couple of roman numerals behind it. Whether or not this is the huge massive smash hit game Microsoft is hoping for remains to be seen, but we all know it can't hurt. Neither you nor I can say at this point what the future holds for Japan. But if the game is as impressive as the journalist writing the article states that it is, than it most certainly can't hurt the sales of the Xbox 360

rexdriver5851d ago

Hurrah to more rpgs is all I can say.

Sevir045851d ago

when the first trailer was shown to say the least i've had some interest in this and i think it's to be released around the same time of FF13, it will be interesting to see how well both these games compete. because the impact FF13 had at E3 was just a juggernaut effect and then Square dropped the bomb with FFV13 and totally killed Japan and made them say why do we need a 360 with those coming out. well if this is as this guys is saying Japan could be infor a treat come next year around oct-dec, simply because this is the father of FF but even still he has alot to prove considering that one of his movies flopped and if his two games flopped then there is basically no hope for japan unless square desides to feed japan a 360 FF, but i surely hope that this game wows us at tgs because i can bet square has some unanounced FF game set to be revealed along with new trailers for both FF13 and FFV13, and the fact they said that both games will aim to sport Advent Children visuals, and i think they damn well can pull it off so the world will wait as Sakeguchi shows us why this game is the game that rises the 360 out of the ashes in japan. and i personally will own this game for my 360 simply because i love RPGs

Liverpool4ever5851d ago


Dusk5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

You should have learned by now that there are no 'for sures' in this industry. It was said 5 years ago that the Xbox was sure to fail. It was said in E3 05 that those PS3 specs were real and the CGI stuff was also real. It was said last year that the 360 would bomb. It was said that the PS3 would for sure launch last wait, for sure launch in wait, for sure have a worldwide wait, for sure not be much more expensive that the wait, for sure not have its games be more expensive than 360 games. Assassins Creed and Unreal T: 07 were for sure not coming to the 360. Resident Evil 4 was for sure not going from the Gamecube to the PS2. There are many that made these bold guarantees and look what happened.

True, the 360 is struggling in Japan. If you look at the top game sales in Japan, they are all Japanese developed games. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, which are exclusives to the 360, are great looking games and seem to be right on target with what Japanese gamers look for. Are they going to make the 360 a top seller in Japan? No real chance of that, but they will definately help the 360. Although the odds are stacked against Microsoft, anything is possible. For example, who would have thought 2 1/2 years ago that Sony would make so many mistakes that put their dominance in serious jeapordy in every world region. Anything can happen.

0ldb0y5851d ago

Well put. The only "for sure" is change, be it change of leader in the industry, gamers' sentiments, or even developers' console preferrences. Remember when PS2 had a strong foothold in the business, and Xbox was solidifying its strength with its "must own" titles? And Gamecube became the forgotten third-child. Now, speculation has Nintendo taking top spot among the three with its innovation and pricing.

I've been a fan of Sony since PSOne, have gone through two PS2's, and have a PSP collecting dust at home. Today, DS has grabbed my attention for on-the-go gaming, and I'm rooting for 360 to gain a foothold in Japan. I'm not predicting any winners, but am hoping that each company is able to attain measurable success of some sort. Keep the competition thick, and let the gamers reap the rewards of better gaming.

And to keep on track with this thread, Lost Odyssey looks pretty good. Let's hope it can turn heads all over the place.

specialguest5851d ago

im a big RPG fan, and this game should be on the radars of every true RPG fans of any console.