OXM: RAGE - when RPG shooters go wrong

OXM UK: "RPG elements are a double-edged sword. Execute them perfectly, and they have the power to create a smash-hit overnight. Fail to get it right, and you probably would have been better off without."

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dirigiblebill2652d ago

It's kind of funny how we take RPG elements in action/shooting games for granted nowadays. I wonder if Halo 4 will continue with Halo: Reach's secondary ability stuff.

MrGunny942652d ago

Why couldn't Reach be like Halo 3?

Why couldn't COD MW2 be like COD4?

Why can't Battlefield 3 be like Battlefield 2

Each new entry in the series.. is breaking the game... it's making it so easy, that doesn't make me more joy to play.

pandehz2652d ago

I like BF3 more than BF2, cannot agree with your argument.

wallis2652d ago

Rage had it's short comings but it wasn't a bloody rpg-shooter and putting it in the category of fallout 3 isn't really fair. It was a linear game in an open setting not an rpg.

dirigiblebill2652d ago

No, it's not a fair comparison... but it's a comparison id Software invite by constructing a post-apocalyptic world with sidequests, vehicular exploration, etc. If you're going to try something new, don't create false expectations.

wallis2652d ago

They never created false expectations, they just wanted to make a game with lots to do. I didn't see the word 'rpg' appear once in their entire marketting and I actually remember numerous interviews where great emphasis was put on the fact that Rage is a linear game.

I mean how DARE id software try something new whilst daring to assume that their consumers are smart enough to tell the difference between an rpg and a liner shooter. You're right, next time they'll just assume we're all a bunch of fucking idiots and they can set their game in a white clean room to avoid comparison with fallout 3 - oh wait then it'd draw comparison with portal. How about the opposite of fallout 3, a lush open natural wor... oh wait that's oblivion. How about they set it in a tiny tight corridor that's not open?

Oh wait they got torn to shreds for doing that in doom 3!? I mean this is disgusting. How dare a developer respond to criticism of linearity in one game by opening up their level design in another.

dirigiblebill2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Don't put words in my mouth. By "invite" I don't mean they said it out loud - I mean that's the message their choice of setting, choice of plot, choice of aesthetic and choice of supporting mechanics conveys. I couldn't give a toss how they built it up, much as I couldn't give a toss for the way devs dodge talk of learning from/riffing on their competitors in general.

DrFUD2652d ago

I had more fun with Duke Nukem Forever than with RAGE

PirateThom2652d ago

I got the game the other day... I played for 30 minutes and was pretty much done with it. Boring gameplay.

I was playing on PS3 and the fact it needs an 8GB install and still has to reload textures, pretty crappy textures I might add, after doing a 180 turn is just distracting.

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