$10-$20 off Select Video Games in Best Buys Video Game Deals of the Week

Best Buy have released their video game deals of the week. This week highlights are $10-$20 off a huge variety of video games.

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DrFUD3479d ago

$299 for the Playstation 3D TV is pretty good, and I can't wait to buy one, but I need it to be even 250 to be able to.

acemonkey3479d ago

good deals but that for a 3D monitor its really is quite small if u think about it

Morpheuzpr3479d ago

I got one and do not regret it. Remember it's not a tv it's a monitor a 24" 3D 240hrz one and the only one with the simulview tech. Oh and remember it's not just the monitor you get a game, hdmi cable and the glasses with it.

DXDA3479d ago

this deal is crap. I bought LA Noire @ best buy two weeks ago for $9.99. Now they have for sale @ $29.99 rip off. I'm glad I bought it for a low price. It was a steal.

Brownghost3478d ago

you do know this is the complete edition with all the dlc not the regular edition

DXDA3478d ago

i can still buy the entire dlc for $10 and still save money. I made the right choice. its on sale on xbox live.