VGChartz's Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 8th, 2007

VGChartz posts the hardware and software sales for this past week:

Console 8-Dec 1-Dec Change
Wii 239,413 325,483 -26%
Xbox360 256,249 250,648 +2%
PS3 160,374 155,515 +3%
DS 580,704 458,050 +27%
PSP 174,712 160,848 +9%
PS2 164,990 161,513 +2%

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xplosneer6014d ago

You reign is coming to an end. We will miss you.

masterg6014d ago

It sold 165k. How is that near the end?

gaffyh6014d ago

wow the Wii lost 26% and the DS gained 27% that's crazy, must be low stock for the Wii so parents started buying DS as a Christmas gift instead.

xplosneer6014d ago

It's just dying...slowly but surely.

Danja6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

The PS2 is still selling well..considering it's in it's 7th year..where's the xbox or GC..??

ne ways....it's VG charts....utter garbage...!!

The 360 outsells the Wii....LOL..OK VG charts need to drop this BS of inflating 360 figures....well the 360 and VG charts is garbage so they go hand in hand...

ruibing6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

I used to think vgchartz is bad as well, but it doesn't seem like its showing anything drastic or wierd this week except a big drop for the Wii, which might just be an issue with availability.

The numbers with the 360 seems to match with the boost it got from Mass Effect and the holiday seasons. And the PS3 numbers match well with the press releases by Sony for Europe (and I think U.S.).

power of Green 6014d ago

I don't get what you posted. Moving alone...

ry-guy6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

If anything VG usually is on the conservative side of their numbers, and it is doing anything but inflating Xbox 360's numbers.

Take Mass Effect for example. It has been officially announced that they have sold over 1 million units, yet VGC has them listed as only selling barely a half a million. Yeah, they sure do inflate those numbers.

Again, I'll wait for NPD numbers before I conclude who sold more hardware. VGC is everything short of reliable.

Edit: I suppose those 2 disagrees are from the point being made. Attached now is a screen capture of VGC's Mass Effect numbers from yesterday when the news was released that ME has sold 1 million units. I just assume that you're too lazy to go do some research instead of making unsupported claims.

Rick James6014d ago

Nobody gets what Danja is saying. He trolls all the message boards praising the PS3 and insulting the 360. Whats funny is PS3 fanboys say VgChartz is accurate as long as the PS3 is beating the 360 in Japan and Europe/Other, but its inaccurate when the 360 beats the PS3 in the US or any of these other territories. I have noticed a trend of certain PS3 fanboys (not owners but the extreme PS3 defenders on this site) to skew facts in thier favor when it's pro PS3, and twist facts when it's anti-PS3. Oh and dont worry I have seen quite a few 360 fanboys do the same. I wish the FUD would just stop. Till somebody shows us a more accurate site or source for sales figures, VgChartz is the standard for which we measure sales figures.

As for the fanboy comments. I just dont understand it to be honest. I mean if the PS3 is in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd life will go on. Heaven forbid somebody prefers the Wii or 360 to a PS3.

I stay out of the PS3 boards. I wont lie I am definetly interested in buying a PS3, so I read the news, but I dont comment about things I know nothing about. Suchs as anything to do with PS3. I dont own it so how could I possibly form a decent opinion on it.

To guys like Danja. It's just a videogame console. Relax, have fun, enjoy what you got instead of worrying about what everyone else has.

TheZippo6014d ago

Bubbles for you Rick James, nice comment. I have recently purchased a PS3 myself and in my opinion everything looks on par with the 360 no more no less (well all except for the interfaces, Xbox blows it away). They are gaming consoles, pure and simple.

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Xbox is the BEST6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

360 outsold the PS#2 and PS#3 by a factor of 3:2
Why don't we add Canada's numbers also?

ruibing6014d ago

That ratio does not represent the combined sales.

gEnKiE6014d ago

Ha...its awesome when fanboys let you know to ignore them just by seeing their username...

ry-guy6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

According to VG Chartz methodology, Canada is included in the America sales data.

Check it out, under 'Explaining Data on VG Chartz'


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season0076014d ago

i don't think sony needs to worry about its financial status at all with its PS2 sales....look at that
170k console in a week in its 7th year

when the price of PS3 get lower those users are all gonna switch to PS3 with no doubts....and obviously PS department is not having big loss having strong sale of both PS2 and PSP...i am sure they made up the loss from PS3

Rick James6014d ago

Once again it's your opinion. I know many NES, and SNES owners that switched to the PS1 instead of waiting for a Nintendo 64. Same thing with Sega Genesis owners that got a PS1 instead of a Sega Saturn. I should know I am one of those people who got the PS1. Never owned a N64 or Saturn. Thats a pretty big assumption that every PS1 and PS2 owner is goign to stay loyal to Sony and get the PS3. Contrary to popular belief people are able to form thier own opinions and make thier own decisions. Look at how many people decided to get a Ds instead of a PSP, or a Wii/360 instead of a PS3.

Also I hope you know Sony loses money on all of its hardware. PSP loses money so does PS3. Not sure about PS2, but regardless even if they made a profit on PS2 hardware it comes nowhere close to offsetting the money the PS3 is costing them.

With the exception of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony make thier money on the software and services sales.

KingKirchner6014d ago

Nintendo has ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS owned the handheld market. Sony has done an amazing job just by not being completely thrown out of the handheld market like everyone else who tried to go up against Nintendo there. So don't use the PSP:DS comparison for consoles.

And Sony DOES make a profit off every PS2 sold, not sure about PSP, but I think they might.

regardless, while it's true not every person who buys a PS2 will want a PS3, it is true that by the time they have played the PS2 hits and are ready to go into next gen, PS3 will be much more affordable, and will have sequals to those same games they enjoyed on PS2. the fact that PS2 is still selling WILL help PS3 sales eventually.

However, I think looking at sales is pointless. People should want competition for better products. That's why me Wii gets so little use, because they are still sold out, so Nintendo feels no need to up their game a little.

MANTIIS6014d ago

PS3 has passed the seven million mark. When those Jap numbers come out it will pass 360 in global sales for the week, as well.

MANTIIS6014d ago

look at the numbers, add 2,000 to 360 and 150,000 to PS3 and tell me who takes the lead? Why would you disagree with that you aimless twat?

season0076014d ago

or probably restaurant or gamestop or Toys shops....

the xbots are doing the same thing, they are just going to hit disagree and cry out " no no no i want my baby panda" no matter what their parents...or the truth tell them it is just not possible...

Genuine6014d ago

Why would any 360 owner be crying? 360 owners have the best game console on the market, and last I checked ps3 is dead last.

HarryEtTubMan6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

haha PS3 is gonna win XBOTS ...its already winning worldwide and selling way better in the U.S. wait for next year. PS3 is only at the end of year one.... Its gonna win... I love Xbotx thinking the defective 360 LMAO is gonna beat the Playstation 3 in this marathon....hahahahah WRONG

lmaooooo at the XBOTS below really believeing the 360 has already one...hahahahahahhaha STUPID BOTS...Understand the gap in the WORLD IS GOING NO WHERE NOW. PS3 is keeping up. The PS3 will be out for 9 more years? what do u expect? Its stil 400$ and keeping up... DONT U REALIZE in the nexy couple of years it wil be 250$ or lower? Dont u realize Sony isnt lieing and just becucase the 360 has more consoles sold...with a year head start...hahahaha does NOT MEAN IT HAS WON!@ YOU ARE STUPID AND NAIVE! Get alife! If analyst Micheal Patcher still belives the PS3 very much can win(most respected analyst in the industrey) than what theMART says(35 years old BUM with no job) IT DOESNT MATTER. theMART KNOWS NOTHING.HAHAHAHAHA PS3 still has 2008 will all of its big releases and beyond to prove itself. PS3 can very much still win this marathon. It will in the end...anbd I don think its gonna take that long either

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