Upcoming Xbox 360 RPGs

RPGSite takes a detailed look at what RPG fans can expect to be playing on their 360s over the coming year.

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TheMART5852d ago

"With seventeen E3 awards bagged to date, we'll keep a close eye on this title and a firm grip on the edge of our seats as we wait for this highly-anticipated title to hit the store shelves for the PC and Xbox 360 in Spring of 2007."

Yup it will be great on 360 too bad the PS3 won't get it

Islandkiwi5852d ago

Mart, you didn't specify the game.

But it's nice to see all the RPG's on the way, especially Mass Effect and the stuff by Sakaguchi. Since I started playing Enchanted Arms, I realized how much I missed playing rpg's...and how much I missed laughing at bad voice acting too!


"My arm! ARGH!!!"

Captain Tuttle5852d ago

Bioshock and Mass Effect really have me pumped. The White Council looks interesting as well.

Raz0r3605852d ago

i really want them to make another Legend of The Dragoon i loved that game

USMChardcharger5852d ago

don't forget twoworlds...i didn't realize it will be using knights of the old republic combat system...interesting.

Jak4ever5852d ago

MS has Shockingly made all the right moves so far. I just hope Mass Effect is not a let down, like TDU was.

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