Battlefield 3 suffering prolonged server issues while enraged fans go “ignored”

VentureBeat's Sebastian Haley has an exclusive story on Battlefield 3 troubles.

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Nate-Dog2656d ago

Indeed, there were very, very few EU servers up tonight and according to a friend of mine he couldn't even get into an EU server at all and could only enter US servers for some reason. Hopefully it gets fixed soon considering the different issues it has had since release.

ThichQuangDuck2655d ago

Fix the servers, give us free DLC because the servers for all EA games are always rediculous

Hellsvacancy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Well, i was playin Bf3 earlier (PS3) and for the first time EVER, my headset ACTUALLY worked, i played for an hour and a half, no problems

Im happy now, dunno what all those mofos where goin on about "lag problems" i dont hav much trouble killin other players, i just wanted to talk to my buddies whilst doin it

Cosmit2655d ago

Probably because there was only one person with a mic in your squad.

NotSoSilentBob2655d ago

They already have your money why else would they care? Remember BF3 servers can be taken offline with 24hrs notice before they are offline.

AusRogo2655d ago

I live in Australia and they have jack all servers sometimes, but I never get lag at all on us servers, and I use dodo internet!

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