Top 5 Reasons the World of Pokemon Would Be a Terrible Place to Live

GP: "I’ve played a lot of Pokemon in my day. As such, I’ve traveled the worlds of Johto and Kanto and have caught countless Pokemon common and legendary alike.

At times, I remember wanting to actually live in these wonderful worlds. Having an awesome animal capable of controlling the elements and traveling all over the world seeing incredible things and people is a dream I’ve had for a while. But then I got to thinking, would it really be all that cool? I mean, really?

Here are five reasons why the world of Pokemon would be a terrible place to live in."

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zeal0us3447d ago

"Even the Cute and Cuddly Pokemon Can Kill You"

Why does squirrels come to mind?

"You Eat Your Own Pets"

I'm use to eating some of my pets(cows,pigs,turkeys and chickens). Still can't bring myself to eating a dog or cat though.

Laxman3447d ago

I think the worst thing would be that there would be sickos who do dirty and cruel things to the Pokemon, and knowing that wierd shit is going on somewhere in Mexico or China would be the worst feeling.