There always seems to be people moaning about silly things in games

Akradon: My gripe is people moaning about silly things in games, like with the Dead Rising phase of people moaning about its save system being flawed. I've played through all the Dead Risings so far and I've not even once thought that the save system was awkward.

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Alos882651d ago

People are always going to nitpick, it's the nature of humanity.

Urrakia342651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

It's more the nature of "gamers" that just started this gen and are typically whiny and say a game "fails" when there's something small they specifically don't like.

BillytheAlien2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

But these "silly things" mean something to gamers, if theres a lot of people "moaning" about it then I guess theres something wrong.

Dead Rising save system, dmc problems, the whole L4D boycott thing, Max Paynes 3 new direction, Capcom/Square not listening to their fans, FF13-2 a sequel to the worst FF game etc......all these silly things mean something to people, if they didn't then we wouldn't be "moaning" about them

If you want to see what is silly look at all the doom and gloom PSV articles.

ginsunuva2651d ago

Behold, a person moaning about people moaning about silly things in games.

urwifeminder2650d ago

Younger people are just more spoilt these days and think the world owes them something if anything bad happens in real life they curl up into the fetal position or chuck a tanty.