Seven things you want to know about Darkness II

In the hustle of holidays, Darkness II couldn’t get any spotlight, but then again, it would be a good idea to let everyone know some pertinent details of this upcoming horror/action game by 2K games. Here are the seven things you should know about Darkness II

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Brownghost2654d ago

i cant wait for this game, loved the second one and the improvements made. Are there still darklings in the game?

Play2Win2654d ago

I think yes. You played part 1 one with the flashback in world war? that was sick

Brownghost2654d ago

yes loved part 1, really underrated game. WW1 missions were dark but the darkness guns were fun to use. Hope the makers of dark sector can make this game great

Play2Win2654d ago

A demo is coming for Darkness 2. I will test it. I love good Singleplayer Games.