David Vonderhaar Wants LMG's To Be "truly viable"

David Vonderhaar has been taking to Twitter a lot recently and talking about many different thing such as gun balance for previous games and other things such as asking questions on what could possibly be featured in the next Call Of Duty game.

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Lelldorianx2652d ago

I love that this is tagged as "call of duty 9." That number is much too large.

BALLARD322651d ago

Yeah and I'm still playing CoD4.

News4Noobs-2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

lol Oh please... Not more comments about COD "being balanced" it's all ruined after COD4, so don't even try Treyard/IW because wanna see things happen, not just "sayings"

The more often we see a new COD, the more BS we see and get (example: all those stupid perks, attachtments, killstreaks and so on that get the kill for you) the harder it will get to be "balanced" or at least to be as perfect as COD4.

+ COD4 - Aim, tactic and skills... is what it takes to get a kill
+ Today's CODs - Perks, Killstreak, Overpowered weapon, Camp and luck... is what it takes to get a kill.