Razer's powerful gaming tablet could challenge PS Vita, console dominance

Razer’s latest concept idea is a 10.1-inch gaming tablet with bundled Hydra-style controllers and the performance of PC gaming.


Demonstrates it playing skyrim on this video

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MrBeatdown4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

"Razer stressed that the tablet is only a prototype at this stage, but hopes to have a tablet based on the Project Fiona concept available on the market in Q4 for the rather hefty cost of $1,000."

I think I'd rather put that money towards a Vita. And a PS4. And the next Xbox. All of which combined would probably wouldn't cost much more than that tablet.

buddymagoo4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Don't forget dual thumb sticks. We have wanted them for so long on a portable device and now we have them we are going to be so quick to just dismiss them?

nveenio4029d ago

Vita has dual thumbsticks...I don't think anyone is dismissing them...not even Sony this time around.

disturbing_flame4029d ago

For a tablet yes people wanted them for a long time.

PS Vita have already those dual sticks and is 5 times cheaper.

This tablet can compete with Vita. But it shows actually that the Vita has a very fair price.

OpenGL4029d ago

@ disturbing_flame

The actual Vita hardware isn't really that overpriced, but the proprietary media is.

Regardless, this comparison is silly as the Vita is using an ARM SoC while the Razer "tablet" is using a Core i7(likely a 17W variation like the 2677M) with some sort of low-power dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPU.

disturbing_flame4029d ago

I don't think it's so silly.

PS Vita is offering a real and hardcore experience with decent specs.

I think it's reliable to compare those experiences when both of them are meant to satisfy gamers who want to play games everywhere.

In terms of experience and flexibility, PS Vita looks like a really interesting device with this implementation of crossplatform online play with PS3.

It's a very interesting and fresh way to play games and actually an inovation that medias don't talk so much about.

So no it's not silly, when you can play Fifa 12 or Wipeout on your Vita, you experience a trully decent experience for a very reasonable price.
I think by the past Sony did not always done things right, this time it seems very different for me.

Very interesting device, and trully competitive in terms of prices, power with a large catalog of games.

This tablet looks really nice, i don't say it isn't. Just that i feel that the Vita is actually fiting the market with sense.

OpenGL4029d ago

@ disturbing_flame

I'm not bashing the Vita, it's a pretty powerful and compelling device at $250. I'm saying it's a silly comparison because it's a $250 device running a SoC that uses at most 1-1.5W of power. The Razer tablet's CPU alone uses around 17W of power, and the GPU will probably be another 15-20W.

This is like comparing an iPhone to a Macbook Pro.

sikbeta4029d ago

Holy s***! I rather take that money and wait for next consoles... and then some people say Vita is overpriced lol

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GribbleGrunger4030d ago

why is that when i read headlines like this i can't help but automatically inserting ('we hope') into them.

gamingdroid4030d ago

I agree... I would buy a PS4, next Xbox and Wii U first....

NellyNel_7_1_34029d ago

That is what Im doing right now and that is saving all my money up to buy those systems!

Rainstorm814030d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

First its all doom and gloom for the Vita and consoles lately, Now its biggest challenge is a 1000$ "gaming" tablet with all the bells and whistles except dual analogs. And yet 600$ was too much for the PS3, for this price id just get a gaming PC

Yea the LULz continue....thanks gaming journalism always good for a laugh

hellvaguy4029d ago

A gaming PC and a portable device. Ya not really in the same categories. Its like comparing an airplane to a car.

kneon4029d ago

But this tablet isn't really all that portable either. I can't see people lugging this around and using it on the subway, it's just too big. And if I'm at home I'd rather use a console or PC for gaming.

This product fills a non-existent niche, and one that doesn't need filling.

Garrison4029d ago

One of the funny things about the $600 price tag was that it was declared as being too much by a bunch of well paid journalists who will get to play the system for free actually in like 2 seconds after the announcement.

Shadow04029d ago

It would be a really cool device if it didn't cost so much...

MasterCornholio4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Not to mention that in order to use the device as a decent portable gaming one you have to use those controls. Which as seen in the picture makes it incredibly bulky to carry around. Fanboys complain about the size if the Vita (see IGNs review in YouTube) but this tablet plus the controls make it seem tiny in compraison.


SilentNegotiator4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

At $1000, you could get a decent gaming laptop.

vortis4029d ago

You could get a high-end gaming laptop from eBay.

You can two gaming PCs that play all the latest games on the highest settings for that price with two cheap monitors and a couple of Xbox 360 controllers. You could literally have your own PC multiplayer setup for $1,000...

Razer is kind of crazy like that.

Thatguy-3104029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Let's break this down.
Against vita: Not a chance. The power might be there but its not portable what so ever. Looks pretty bulky and if the finish product is thinner still won't make a difference because the size will still be big due to the screen.

Against consoles: The screen just isn't big enough to have the immersed experience that the consoles have with let's say a 55inch. In serious note I doubt consoles will die off because of how much they are capable of doing now a days (Netflix,hulu, etc.). Especially with new technology improving there life cycles and forming new ways of interaction (kinect/ps move & Wii)

CES 2012 showed a lot of technology that could be implemented into the next gen so I can't wait to see what Microsoft and Sony will come out with this time. It's mind blowing on how much gaming has change in just 15 yrs.

farhad2k84029d ago

No thanks, I'd rather walk around with a sleek looking VITA than walk around with a star trek steering wheel.

hazardman4029d ago

I agreed cause I would not buy a tablet for $1000, thats crazy. But PS Vita alone is gonna cost you around or over $500 after games and memory. Same goes for any launch console. I paid $750 for Xbox 360/ almost $900 for PS3 at launch. That includes games and extra controllers. I don't know about you but when I purchase a gaming console I need everything. The only thing keeping me away from Vita are the memory prices. Way to steep. Anyway good gaming man...

JayD-1K4029d ago

I'm sorry but, where do you live at? You must be converting your countries currency into U.S. Dollars!?

hazardman4029d ago

Yes I live in US. I don't know why all the disagrees. PS Vita $299+taxes for 3g, thats not including extra memory, games or any other accessories. People on this site love to disagree..FYL!!

SephirothX214029d ago

Yeah but that tablet will probably be more powerful than the PS4 and next xbox. My high-end computer will laugh at next gen as it is. Wait until I add a second GTX 580! Though still I have to wait until those consoles release for developers to take full advantage of my pc's hardware.

50Terabytespersec4029d ago

Tablets are for reading ebooks and porn most of this technology is worthless for gaming.
I doubt if it can do 4k resolution or even anything controlling an action game such as GOD of War 3..
or 1080p GT5 or 6 for that matter.

morkendo234029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

could the ps4-720 be in the form of a gaming tablet?
with controllers next GEN.

Lazy_Sunday4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Okay, so, some facts...
If the tablet can run Skyrim on ultra high at an average of 35FPS above 720p (which is what it's doing), the device is graphically at least 2x stronger than a 360 or PS3. FACT.

That having been said, on Skyrim, if you turn down the resolution to 1280x720p, put the default settings on medium, turn on FXAA, AA at 2x, 16xAF, then you will see the device running Skyrim at 60FPS--meaning, in layman's terms, it will play at CoD speeds--at console settings. FACT.

That having been said, this is a great option for PC gamers on the go. However--OPINION...

The Vita and Project Fiona can't compete because they're not even in the same boat. You're essentially comparing a portable computer to a portable dedicated gaming device with an exclusive library of games catered to that specific device. The PS Vita is great, it's simple and easy for the average user. Fiona comes with all the complications and hassles of PC gaming, even if it is all bundled up and ready to go. Unless they can get in cahoots with Steam for a built-in tablet interface, and advertise the shit out of it, you won't be seeing the Fiona take off like the Vita. Then again, I feel like 2013's cheap laptops will have dedicated Intel graphics that will outperform consoles and so the $1000 laptops will leave no room for Razer's "powerful gaming tablet" (since it will be super outdated). Here's a fact though--consoles are so outdated right now that my November 2010 Macbook Air outperforms consoles on most games--including Skyrim. By outperform, I mean 1-2 second loading times, instant auto-saves, don't even get me started on graphics.

Oh, and another opinion, the cost of the Vita+Nextbox+PS4 will probably be much more than $1000. Next gen consoles running at $300 would be the fastest way to bankrupt Sony with the economy in its current state, and a really smart--yet evil--tactic by Microsoft since they could take a hit like that. I'm thinking $400-600 per console realistically, especially if we're making a huge performance and graphical jump--and Q4 2014, or we'll be disappointed. No doom and gloom, that just seems more understandable.

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Jio4030d ago

Yeah, the reason I want a Vita is because it has the power of a console that can fit in my pocket. I already have a gaming PC that can play games on Max, a console for and with the Vita I'll be set. Don't see where I would use something like Fiona.

hazardman4029d ago

You must have big, deep pockets!

Jio4029d ago

@hazardman, yes, I do.

extermin8or4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Um it's hardly portable is it? what you're going to crack that out on the bus or train-where the hell would you balance the tablet whilst you play on the controller.....? that's always been the thing i've never understood when people argue "yh well you can buy a controller to play on the tablet"; why would you use 2 items and lug them around when you can use one machine that's a quarter of the price at least assuming there's no price drop between now and the end of Q4- which there almost certainly will be....

edit: ok i had though those controllers were seperate in the picture just realised they are connected; however it's still far to big to be truly 'portable' I'd rather buy a high spec laptop for less money and take that- buy a bluetooth controller for it because that's still inconvineint to take out and play/carry around with you....

Kthalas4030d ago

Looks like an interesting device, but also looks like it would not be comfortable to play. Kind of bulky or unwieldy.

Think I'll stick to my consoles and portables.

innthe4030d ago

they should put an i5 in there instead to make it cheaper and it will have no difference in games