PSP 222MHz vs 333MHz God Of War:Chains Of Olympus Comparison Video

Comparison video of God of War: Chains of Olympus on psp at 222mhz vs 333mhz.

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Rice4976d ago

The graphics are amazing for the psp, and since the change in clock speed the are pretty big differences

games4fun4976d ago

is very noticeable one looks like a beta opposed to a final product, that was pretty ridiculous they were able to add two-five extra people per battle and the game and particle effects are significantly more polished its like a first year game vs late second year game.

brocool4975d ago

I just may have to go out and buy one now

Douchebaggery4976d ago

Looks better than a lot of Wii games.

YoungKingDoran4976d ago

unfortunately i have to agree. if only there were developers like this working on the wii. (ones that take time and polish the game up nicely) apart from nintendo of course

Chubear4976d ago

... "bu..bu..but it's about gameplay not graphic!!"

*Psst! Ninty fans, you do know other consoles have (gasp!) BOTH, right?*

barom4975d ago

Ironicly Ready At Dawn (the one who's making this game) is working on a Okami port for the Wii.

Winter47th4975d ago

Wow Douche that is a ridiculous #s of agrees, and I'm one of'em, truer words were never spoken.

Rice4975d ago

The funny thing about that comment is that its true.

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C_SoL4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

if u gotta pass the N4G Contributor Test to be able to post stories?...I tipsed this video & i'm trying to see how i can post it or post other gaming information in the future....

EDIT:Ok, thanks man.

Skerj4976d ago

You are correct sir, you must pass the test to post stories.

Charlie26884976d ago

maybe WAY too easy considering some of the trash that gets posted here or how some people feel obligated to modify plain articles into flamebait >.>

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jackdoe4976d ago

Looks so much better. Frame rate improved as well.

PS3PCFTW4976d ago


i thought it would be a pointless improvement, clearly im wrong.

it takes the game from ps1 to ps2 qualities by the 111mhz jump.


ruibing4976d ago

Totally worth the extra drain on the battery. I just hope all developers only use the extra power boast when they need it.

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The story is too old to be commented.