February With Playstation brings you the highlights of video game releases across Playstation platforms for February 2012.

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Bach2657d ago

I approve this article.

Majin-vegeta2657d ago

Motherf***ing Twisted Metal time to blow some shizznit up in this place:D.

Godchild10202657d ago

The month of February will be a very busy month and a very expensive month. It will be like the months of November and December all over again. I hope I can find the time to play all the games I buy that month.

remanutd552657d ago

PS Vita
Escape Plan
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Twisted Metal
Motorstorm RC
and maybe ModNation Racers , is it true that it wont support online ?
anyways those are my sure buys on feb

Razongunz2657d ago

ModNation Racers: Road Trip won't support multiplayer racing online, but there will be online functionality on the game but racing online won't be one of them.

remanutd552657d ago

then i wont get it on launch day , maybe i'll get it later , even the psp version supports multiplayer racing online , whats up with that?

Razongunz2657d ago

ofc its sad that it doesnt have multiplayer, but for me thats ok, i really wanted ModNation because i liked that u could make ur own tracks and cars and all that, that was the main reason why i wanted it i have played alot of trackmania and its kinda similar, u can make ur own tracks and stuff and i think its just fun doing that and racing them and testing. ModNation isnt the only racing game i'm getting at launch, also getting wipeout and thats the game where i will be playing mostly online. :)

MasterCornholio2657d ago

Yep Febuary is going to be a fantastic month for the PlayStation brand.


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