Microsoft Names Jeff Bell New Corporate VP Of Global Marketing For Interactive Entertainment Business

Microsoft Corp. announced that it has appointed Jeff Bell as its new corporate vice president of Global Marketing for Interactive Entertainment Business, effective June 12, 2006.

Microsoft noted that Bell joins the company from DaimlerChrysler, where most recently he served as vice president of product strategy for the Chrysler Group.

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Aflac6526d ago

I figured while I was on the phone with microsoft, to find out if I could in someway contact Rareware to give ideas to improve the game to appeal to more customers. There's not really a way we can speak with them directly, but the microsoft employee will be contacting them telling them the kinds of stuff i suggested to making the game even better and more like its predessor (gameplay wise).

Here is what I suggested so far:
1. Give us the ability to jump using the right thumbstick button, this way we dont take our thumbs off the looking stick. We need to be ablt to jump onto enemy hover crafts, and our own-it's only fair and realistic to b able to do that!
2. If they give us the ability to jump, let low gravity be a fun little gameplay option to mess around with in multiplayer.
3. Bring back the following options from the old perfect dark:
-fast movement
-slow motion
-1 hit kills
-old multiplayer maps
4. Physics improvements (especially with vehicles- sick of hovercrafts killing ppl just by moving in the direction of those ppl, before even making physical contact).
5. Continue the storyline through expansions rather than sequels (with better voice acting, lol), so that we do not have to get used to new formats, etc.

The guy said that to add in jump would mean redoing the physics, making a download as big as 300MB. He said he will suggest to them an expansion to get all this type of stuff in, after all, these features did make the original perfect dark probably the most highly rated, and versatile console shooter until halo.

I have come up with more features to suggest to them below:
1. Bring back all the rest of the old weapons, characters, etc.
2. Improve graphics (to satisfy gamers who let graphics that are not completely life-like ruin games for them)
3. More players in (online and lan) multiplayer- up to 64 players as Rareware originally planned- the original xbox could handle 32 ppl in multiplayer easily, and with the 360 being 12x and more that power, I think 64 players should be quite simple.

If anybody has additional Ideas, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS Article with a comment titled "New Idea", I WILL INCLUDE IT IN MY NEXT CALL WHICH WILL BE THIS FRIDAY (6/9/06)- PLEASE bring ideas ASAP!!!

We will not be paid or anything for this, we will only get the hope of the strong possibility of having wishes for improvements granted. (duh, lol!)

Thank God microsoft listens to customers, sony never did that (I know because I've tried)!!!


10 Weirdest Video Games of All Time

Plenty of unforgettable games have completely messed up their players throughout the years, all the way back from the PS1 days to the dark recesses of the modern internet.

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JonTheGod1h ago

Why are the Katamari games not on the list??


70 percent of devs unsure of live-service games sustainability

With so many games fighting for players' attention and interest losing out over time, time sink games are at risk of eventually losing steam.

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thorstein22h ago

It was worrisome to begin with.

It's a niche genre with only a handful of hits that can stand the test of time.

Cacabunga1h ago

I like the sound of that!! I will for sure never support these gaas games.
Sony must be shocked at gamer's reaction, making them cancel a few of these and hopefully go back to the good heavy hitters they had us used to..
now bring on that PSPro reveal and show us some SP 1st party awesomeness.

CrimsonWing6921h ago

What’s to be unsure of!? Look at the ratio of success to failure!

DarXyde4h ago

It's pretty ridiculous.

Imagine having a breadth of data at your disposal to see the statistically low success rate of these games, only to be laser focused on the exceptional case studies.

shinoff218320h ago

Yes. Stop all the live service bs.

jznrpg19h ago

Only a few will catch on. You need a perfect storm to be successful in GaaS and a bit of luck on top of that. But a potential cash cow will keep them trying and some will go out of business because of it.


Helldivers 2 manages just fine…

Keep production costs low… don’t just make custscenes until the mechanics and enemies are perfected first.

Make so much content that you can drip extra content for years, and the game already feels complete without them.

Most importantly: make weapons, enemies, levels, and mechanics that will stand the test of 1000 hours. This might require more devs embracing procedurally generated leveled, which I think separates Helldivers 2 from Destiny’s repetitiveness.

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The Battle Pass Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Modern Gaming

Nameer from eXputer: "Some exceptions aside, I don't think the battle pass is a net positive for gaming with how they're implemented in most live service titles."

got_dam1d ago

Battle passes AND meta gaming both.

DivineHand12522h ago(Edited 22h ago)

I like the way Helldivers 2 does battle passes. It allows you to make purchases on each level of the battle pass and gives you the option of choosing which item to unlock first. The more purchases you make using medals the further you progress. There is no timer and you can earn medals towards purchasing stuff via personal orders and Major orders.

I haven't played much live service games that have battle passes but I remember some games that have battle passes where you progress through it linearly using an exp system. What makes it really bad is that the battle pass will have like 50 or more levels with the cooler stuff being closer to the end. They also have an in-game shop that sells exp boosters so you can reach the end of the pass before it refreshes. Everyone ilse will have to grind their way through.

lucian22921h ago

battle pass in fortnite is perfect; buy one and it buys the rest for every other season as it gives you more money than the first cost. so 8.50 and season ends with you getting 13.00, it pays for the next and you have some pocket change to save up for cash shop. All of which is optional