Famitsu: New Wii Colors, Animals in Mario Kart Wii, Star Ocean 4 Goes Multiplatform

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu is claiming that Nintendo will launch five new Wii colors alongside the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Japan. Rumors also suggest that animals will be added to Mario Kart Wii's list of drivable er...vehicles.

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PirateThom4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

Way to go Neogaf.

This is all lies, someone on Neogaf posted it as a joke and in typical internet fashion, everyone believes it, even though it's been retracted.

Edit: This is also the reason forums, including NeoGaf, should not be used as sources until the information has been verified elsewhere.

solar4630d ago

dood, i read the first part of that article and closed the window. as reliable a source as VG chartz or an analysts opinion. yet they still seem to become "news" on this site...quite sad really...

Darkiewonder4630d ago


But the Wii color is true. I mean. it's Nintendo.

theoneandonly4630d ago

There was definitely no news about Star Ocean or the Wii colors, a Korean guy made all of that bullshit up to apparently feel good about himself or some idiotic nonsense.

There was only one thing true about that magazine: Score for Gran Turismo 5 as far as I can tell.

Seems some of these fools don't know when to quit as they also posted the falsified review scores for Lost Odyssey (which turned out to be a great game according to them) and the scores were pretty screwed up.......8s across the board for Lost Odyssey? Yeah right. But even in the real famitsu magazine Virtua Fighter got a high score, with Odyssey getting a glowing high score and of course the scores for Winning Eleven Soccer.

Its just the one posted on that FAKE and ridiculous website, made it all sound backwards.

And for the real Star Ocean news....tri-Ace as usual has been tight-lipped on any of its games, we do know Infinite Undiscovery and another 360 RPG are in the works.

They did hire on programmers and staff obviously. But beyond that, no official news on any games besides First Departure for the PSP / DS.

I expect tri-Ace to announce all the game's specifics when they are ready. I am sure Star Ocean 4 either goes 360 exclusive or 360 time exclusive(more likely) or will appear at the same time.

I am also sure Star Ocean 4: Final Cut or whatever the name of the full game is, will not come out until after Infinite Undiscovery releases & all other official information will come from the offices of Dengeki magazine.

But now going forward into 2008, we are officially entering the Major Leagues. I expect with Mass Effect 2 being platform exclusive to 360, some other major news is bound to occur regarding Blizzard. I believe Blizzard is going to announce an exclusive MMO or new game for 360 & it will come in 2008, I can feel that vibe now for certain......

2008 will be the year of the RPG and the action game. XBOX360 will go head to head on PLAYSTATION 3 in Europe, and with the announcements to come I bet its going to be one hell of a ride...

Europe is by FAR the biggest games market, even larger than all North America and very intriguing. They love games like Warhound or Karaoke Revolution over there ..... Too Human comes to Europe in 2008....

Omegasyde4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

If you plan on playing or have not beaten Star Ocean 4 DO NOT READ BELOW.

How can they even make a another star ocean after finding out that the first 3 games were nothing but a "videogame within a videogame"?
WTF. The ending was so screwed up in the last game for the ps2, that Square should drop the Ip and start a new one.

Seriously, Bad move on making Star ocean like the Matrix.

chrno64630d ago

Don't approve this ppl, this is all fudge.

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