PS3 Sales Improving

News Discussing Sony Moving Out more PS3's.

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OC_MurphysLaw4984d ago

AFTER the holiday season. Ofcourse they were going to increase as we got into the holiday season. EVERYONES console sales have. Now...the key figure will be how they hold up the first few weeks of January...that will be the true test.

sticky doja4984d ago

All consoles have improved sales, except the Wii, but thats because no one can buy it that wants to do to limited manufacturing.

hotshot1274984d ago

the problem is that you dont mention that the ps3 has been outselling the 360 by in total global sales and that shows that its not just a christmas boost. i could understand if it only sold alittle better but still didnt sell better then the 360 but it has been.( or at least VERY close to it in total sales)

the ps3 is selling well, REGARDLESS of the holiday season. because if they werent selling well, then the 360 is also selling poorly since there selling just about the same

games4fun4984d ago

bubbles you made me half laugh at that ill see you online then

Marceles4984d ago

*pets UT3* yup...just waiting to get home to play it!

solar4984d ago

hehe, ya it does. im ripping some ppl new ones online as we speak :D Warfare mode = awesome

pwnmaster30004984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

people r now going to ps3 cause 360 owners r getting tired of getting the rrod and telling their friends about it like me got a 360 during thanks giving and got the rrod 2 weeks later and 08 is coming

unlimited4984d ago

Its so true a lot of people that have problems with the 360 will eventually give in and get the PS3..they need to ask them self do they want quality or crap?? The 360 did have the games..but how can you play it if your system doesn't work... Sony PS3 will be the system to own next year since they going to have more great games then ever..

lockload4984d ago

It would be great news if every other system hadnt increased more

HarryEtTubMan4984d ago

pmg just shut up... PS3 is about to bring it on

aggh im on fire4984d ago

Its Christmas Duh.......of course there selling.

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The story is too old to be commented.