The Winners, Losers, and Assholes of 2011

Original Gamer: "2011 was a great time to be a gamer, but there were some hiccups here and there. Here’s some of the winners, losers, and assholes that really made 2011 to me."

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Intentions3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I agree with the online passes. I don't care about the others.

da_2pacalypse3446d ago

I'm a loser due to Dragon age 2 :( Funny thing is, I agree :(

SKUD3446d ago

I'm curious as to why the wii isn't selling for less then one hundred dollars at this point?. Fire sale.

ElliePage3446d ago

Assholes of 2011 - Platinum Games for taking a game that should've stayed canceled and stripping it of the stealth elements that every game in the franchise is known for so they can make a generic hack & slash (and Kojima Productions/Konami for allowing it).

armycore3446d ago

Wouldn't it be best to wait for the game to be released first before calling them assholes?

Razongunz3446d ago

metal gear rising is a spinoff franchise. its not the metal gear solid series..its a different approch..
ok i get it MGS have allways been big sealth games
but this isnt supposed to be a sealth game, this is a hack n slash action wouldnt really be fun playing as a overpowered super human cyborg and have to sealth when u can throw robots by the size of a skyscraper...
MGRR is looking to be a intersting game, fine its not everybodys MGS and fans of the series are bound to be dissapointed and what not.. but if u don't like it don't be such a moody beeing and just don't bother getting the game..this is not MGS its MGR

_Aarix_3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Just dont buy it, You know its a hack and slash and just be glad the game is coming out.

Geez your bitching and yet you didnt even spend any money on the game -_- i hate Other gamers sometimes.

Brownghost3445d ago

The game looked nothing like a stealth game, plus it looks fine

ZippyZapper3445d ago

ElliePage hates anything that used to be exclusive to Sony

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sealion883446d ago

didn't capcom announce monster hunter 4 on 3ds? kinda sucks for psp fans....

s45gr323446d ago

Funniest article ever I was rolling with laughter when it came to Capcom for being assholes by slapping gamers in the face with RE Mercenaries you can only save once, Releasing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 like a few months later from Marvel vs Capcom 3 and finally cancelling all mega man games. Yeah I still remember at E3 2011 were people were booing Sony's and AT&T deal. Yeah VAlVE is the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.