Shadow of the Colossus and ICO Coming to PSN


"If you're a PlayStation 3 gamer, you've no doubt been wondering about when Team ICO's latest game, The Last Guardian, is coming out. After all, the saga surrounding that game's development has reached epic heights. After being delayed in the spring of 2011, the game's executive producer quit Sony, followed in short order by the game's producer."

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Why o why3983d ago

Been on the european store for a few days now priced at £20 for both of em.. I thinks its £13 if you buy em seperate. I would of preferedthe hard copy but it wasnt stocked in the places i went to and couldnt be asked to wait for delivery from the web. I

I really dont remember triangle being jump but whatever..good times

Crazyglues3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Wow, well it's about time, this is where is should have been all along, NOT saying they should not have made disc, just saying this should have came out day one with the disc version...

I was meaning to get the disc but never got around too it, so this is indeed a must grab for me..

Will be cool to finally get around to beating Shadow of the Colossus

Now let's just hope they price it right...-(cheaper then the disc)


Slade3983d ago

its not going to sell as much as the disk version and its seperated into 2 games so its a worse deal

TheColbertinator3983d ago


Unless you just want one.

For example I plan to get Colossus,I didn't like Ico

kingdavid3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Hmm weird. Why do I already have this on PSN then And have so for 2 weeks..???

Great journalism IGN.

Taz Yamauchi3983d ago

I dont know people are disagreeing with kingdavid both games have been on PSN for more than 2 weeks now

TheColbertinator3983d ago


I know,I couldn't help but laugh

Hicken3983d ago

No. No love for Xbox Live.

Were you expecting it? I sincerely hope that you were not.

Ness-Psi3983d ago

i bought them earlier cant wait to be enthralled again.

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