Xbox Live Arcade House Party 2012 Game Release Dates

Release dates for all four of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party 2012.

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Wikkid6662567d ago

Can't wait for Alan Wake

TrendyGamers2567d ago

Same here. Judging by the other three games as well, this will be a great House Party.

BattleTorn2567d ago

I'll probably be buying them all.

TrendyGamers2567d ago

At least you get those 800 MSP back for doing so.

BattleTorn2567d ago

Well I was wondering whether by the fourth week if I'd opt out of the final release.

I'm completely sold now.

whitesoxfalife19762567d ago

yep i know ima get alan wake might get i am alive as well ah fuck it ima grab all of them to stack up my awards from live

tompoulo2567d ago

Alan Wake Day 1
I am Alive will wait for reviews before deciding
Nexuiz Day 1(looks AWESOME! Reminds me of the first Unreal Tournament!!)

Gonna have to purchase a big amount of points to cover my needs...

jetlian2567d ago

wow surprised MS allowed the 2 best games first!! usually they would be last!

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