Microsoft To Publish Next Two Mass Effect Games?

The new print issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine has an article on the recent news of BioWare and Pandemic being purchased by Electronic Arts. The article points out that because of the purchase, EA will now own Mass Effect, the recently released sci-fi RPG from developer BioWare that Microsoft published for the Xbox 360. However, according to an unnamed source cited in the article, an agreement has been made for Mass Effect 2 and 3 to both be published by Microsoft as well, with BioWare and EA to be listed as developers rather than publishers.

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Xeikon4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

This is amazing news!

360sucks4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

keep that overrated game

Vojkan4974d ago

In a way i agree. It is not crap, but nothing special.I think it is overrated(played it yesterday)

Seraphim4974d ago

that's not the attitude to have. :P it is a good game. As said above, overrated it certainly is, but nonetheless it's a solid, fun game... It's the last game I thought I'd buy this year but last week, having nothing else to really play, I bought Mass Effect. At first I didn't care for it, but once I got into it the game really grew on me... It's highly overrated but it is good; nothing less, nothing more...

My question is if Microsoft publishes the 360 version who publishes the PS3 version? EA I'd assume? This is EA after all. They're bound to develop and release it on multiple consoles because exclusives aren't business smart, and we all know EA will do anything to make more money... While it's certainly possible that MS would publish it I still don't see EA allowing any game to be exclusive. It's just not in their best interest and we all know how EA works [Greed, Greed, and more Greed]...

OC_MurphysLaw4974d ago

I think what you can read into on this is that MS cut a deal with EA to be exclusive on this game since it had an exclusive deal already in place for Mass Effect 1 & 2...and #3 was up in the air based on sales, etc.

Douchebaggery4974d ago

I'd be surprise if EA let go of the publishing rights of a game that's pretty much a guaranteed success.

predator4974d ago

fantastic news, EA cant push them to release it early unfinnished.

green4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

The 360 made a lot of money for EA this year so Microsoft does hold a lot of bargaining power when dealing with EA.So it would only be natural that they reward them buy keeping MASS EFFECT on the 360.
Now that the IP MASS EFFECT is now established in the 360 community,the sequel will be a sales phenomenon.

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The story is too old to be commented.