SEGA’s Reply To Concerned Gamer Over SOPA Is Complete Garbage

HBG Writes: Just recently, we encouraged our community members to e-mail the ESA as well various game companies due to their support of the damaging Stop Online Piracy Act.

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Tuxedo_Mask4572d ago

It seems like an auto response to me, although that doesn't excuse the grammatical errors and the complete lack of addressing the issue that was being asked about. My guess is that the system is set to pick up keywords and send out a generic response, which is why a lot of these emails should be sent to the actual PR representatives or posted on the company's forums.


Sega takes legal action against individual for harassment of its employee & warns others

Sega is earning praise for its firm attitude against malicious harassment of employees, which includes taking legal action.

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shinoff21832d ago

Any idea, what was said or what this is referencing aside from a generic statement?

Profchaos1d 23h ago

No clue j don't think it's been disclosed yet but there are absolutely cases we know if where rabbid fans overstep and try to invade game devs lives or harass them for something for example mother 3 fans

gold_drake1d 20h ago

no, only that it happened for a long while

Aussiesummer1d 1h ago

Make an example of this idiot.


Sega's Profits Are Up, But It's Mostly Down To Pachislots

Sega has released its financial statement for the 2023-24 fiscal year, and profits may be up, but it's mostly not down to video games.

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SEGA announces Fearless: Year of Shadow

SEGA has announced Fearless: Year of Shadow, a campaign that celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog and his brooding acquaintance, Shadow.

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