Elle De*generous* gives blind boy a Wii

During a recent show Ellen DeGeneres gave a 14-year-old Ben Underwood a Wii and a copy of he Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Underwood, who lost most of his vision after being diagnosed with cancer of the eyes, uses echolocation to find his way around and compete in sports like basketball and martial arts.

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Arsenic135863d ago

u gotta admit she is one kick @ss women, everyone look on ebay, he may have second thoughts.

zypher5863d ago

i like having my six bubbles, so i'm not even gonna describe the image that popped in my mind after reading that heading ;)

Arsenic135863d ago

wait a minute........EWW !

Arsenic135863d ago

hey its thge first pic i found, and its eye catchin ! lol

Dick Jones5863d ago

WTF, thats pretty much all I have to say.

Solid Snake5863d ago

Blind= can play computer games! Whoa this new controller must be something, they did say it was inovative, man this is something i'd expect MS to pull!

Marriot VP5863d ago

hey you can't compare degenerous to microsoft, that's not fair.

Microsoft isn't a lesbian, and they don't work to degrade morals through modern existentialism.


zypher5863d ago

Microsoft is a corporation. they're about as objective as most of the posters on this site. i'm not sure about the whole lesbian thing (quite sure there are a few working for the corporate giant), but Microsoft is an entity thats DEFINATELY subjective, a concept heavily supported by existentialism.

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The story is too old to be commented.