rFactor 2 Beta footages emerge; looks amazing in motion

DSOGaming writes: "rFactor 2′s beta is a GO and we bet that most of you are wondering one and only thing; does this beta justify the pre-order requirement? Thankfully, some gamers that have already gained access to the beta posted some videos, so you can judge for yourselves. So, special thanks go to DOC, SKeijmel, OSRW and mc0676. Enjoy everyone!"

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ramtah4541d ago

Looks good! But i will be playing GT5 for now.

Zha1tan4541d ago

Sorry this is the realm of PC gaming...I think your lost, We know not of this GT5 you speak of.

Me-Time4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Good lord, that's a retarded comment. He didn't even bash rFactor. Stupid. You just suck. Yea, I'm talking to you, Stupid. You just suck.

Hmmm, are there any street legal cars in the beta? Eh, nevermind. I won't pre-order a game just so I can try the beta.

To others who might find my reply offensive, I was coming here to ask that serious question about the street legal cars. He completely got me sidetracked as to what I was coming here for.

Stupid could have taken the high road if he thought ramtah threw out flamebait. Damn shame. Stupid is what Stupid does.

Me-Time4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

You just suck dick.

Good-bye, cruel world. By world, I mean N4G.

ramtah4541d ago

Wow real mature of you..

Zha1tan4540d ago

It was a joke lol

I bet you feel realll smart ;)

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john24541d ago

That Monaco clip looks amazing. And simply lol at the drifting with the F1 :D

Revvin4541d ago

Foor me it’s a bit of a disappointment, its more rFactor 1.5 than 2. I've turned some laps in the various cars and the handling is nice but its not leading me to believe its any better than any other serious driving game out there like iRacing for example. Graphically it looks like rF1 with hi-res textures which is quite a disappointment.


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North Yorkshire's Croft Circuit heading to rFactor 2 simulator

Croft, a tricky circuit based in the North of England, is set to receive its first ever laser-scan to form part of this month's rFactor 2 DLC drop.


Romain Grosjean to assist the development of rFactor 2

The current IndyCar and former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is joining the sim racing game rFactor 2's development team as a Motorsport Games technical esports advisor.

badz149815d ago

woohoo...fiery explosions!!

Magog815d ago

So I guess the game is going to take out its team mate on the first lap then run into the pit wall.