Don't judge PS Vita Euro success based on Japan, says SCEE

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) CEO Jim Ryan believes it is impossible to judge PlayStation Vita’s possible success in the Europe based on how the handheld has performed in its native Japan.

Tuxedo_Mask4475d ago

I'm sure the PS Vita will do better in Japan once it's library is larger and all of the big sellers are released.

Razongunz4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

monster hunter in japan and CoD/GTA in the west should fix it :P


Playstation VR - developer video series - A Vision For The Future Of Play

Sony has launched a new video series called, Playstation VR Developer Diaries. The first of the five-part video series, which glances back at the project’s early days is live now, so check it out!

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hoipexn2785d ago

credits and url fixed; ready to be approved people :)

joeorc2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Good informative video in post, but did you notice something in the video that maybe very interesting in further development's for VR in PSVR?

Something Many might have not caught on about PSVR, and its a really good idea to have the Headset built with this functionality in the headset, and its pretty good that it's included..
I know what it is, I want to see if other people caught it..Hint: it has to do with tracking in VR!
Take careful notice in the 1min 9 to 12 second's of the video..

It's there. And it's a real further Key what Sony has intended to add with PSVR in the future of its tracking.

NET_Nomad2783d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Interesting… notice that during 0:22 – 0:24 of the video, 3 black bands appear, quickly whip around then disappear into PS VR. I think those 3 black bands hint at PS4 Neo's exterior design. [1]

[1] http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-...

2783d ago

No Man's Sky dev apologises for erroneous YouTube takedowns

Sony Computer Entertainment, isn't happy about the leaks and went about issuing copyright strikes to remove videos showing unauthorized content.

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uth112805d ago

I kinda figured "The Know" got their story taken down due to their click-bait headline that suggested spoilers. They didn't actually have any early footage and shouldn't have been taken down.

DigitalRaptor2805d ago

I really dislike The Know's click-bait video titles.

Good guys, but I wish they would stop with that crap. Something like that was bound to happen.

TwoForce2805d ago

Well, Everyone want to have more views.

iTechHeads2805d ago

I don't really see why it matters if the title is clickbait or not. I mean if you fall for it, its your fault.
I've been using the internet long enough to spot bull from a mile away.

Kaneki-Ken2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

@COCOABROTHER Sony Interactive Entertainment *

2805d ago

Sony Files For “Twisted Metal” Trademark in Europe

Junkie Monkeys: We recently discovered a trademark filing from Sony, and this time it is for Twisted Metal.

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Relientk773337d ago

Twisted Metal on PS4 would be cool

DarkOcelet3337d ago

I think we can clearly assume it will be in production after Drawn to Death.

The game is just awesome.

Naga3337d ago

Awwwwww shiiii. The world needs a little more Twisted Metal.

Cra2yey33337d ago

Only if its the old school twisted metal and not the reboot... Black 2 would be great

SoapShoes3337d ago

The reboot had way better gameplay and bosses though. The only down side was lack of stories but that didn't bother me.

MONOLITHICIDE3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Yes. The one they wanted to make but needed more ram. And I loved the ps3 twisted metal. Was like warhawk but in twisted universe

tinynuggins3337d ago

This will hands down get me to buy a ps4. I miss twisted metal.

gangsta_red3337d ago

Hopefully if they make a new Twisted Metal it won't be like the last one on PS3. That was not Twisted Metal I enjoyed and played from yester years.

Now Twisted Metal Black...there's a real TM game and if any game needed a remaster/HD version it would be that game right there.

Dan503337d ago

Make it more like TM 1, 2 and Black and less like the PS3 version and I would SO buy it!

SoapShoes3337d ago

No PS3 version had WAAAYYYY better gameplay, stages, and bosses. Take PS3 TM gameplay and put Black like stories in them and we're talking.

Dan503337d ago

I was talking about how the PS3 version tossed single player stories out the window and focused only on multi player.

emilijo7773337d ago

Twisted Metal sold 'fine,' was 'not a dud,' says Jaffe