Are Wrestling Games As Fun As They Could Be?

Ian Fisher writes: The thing about the overall legacy of wrestling games to date, in particular the WWE titles, is that they essentially dragged things out too much to the point where even the biggest marks were ready to bail out. Mirroring sports games like Madden, the WWE games received minimal updates over the years which led to a product that was dull if not completely dry of creativity. Some gamers were still happy with the core product and enjoyed whatever new roster additions that may have been added, but for the most part wrestling games stopped evolving by 2007.

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CrimsonEngage2747d ago

They are ok. But I find is strangely fascinating that games on current generation hardware still can't hold a candle to the classics such as No Mercy.

For NM to be an N64 game it was a blast. WWE 12 is fun but it's missing a lot of features that the older games had. For example, in WWE 12' Rey Mesterio can pick up Mark Henrey and do a Suplex. That should NOT be possible.

Yi-Long2747d ago

... Def Jam FFNY was just amazing fun with crazy moves.

Rainstorm812747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Thats all im hoping for a Def Jam Vendetta/Fight for NY HD collection add online to it and Count me in for a day one buy

Tonester9252747d ago

Ive actually went to the EA forums and tried to preach this lol THey have a new Trailer for a new Fighting game being published by 4MM Games And Def Jam. Ill post the link to it.

Rampaged Death2747d ago

WWE All Stars is the "fun" wrestling game. If they make a sequel and make it a bit tougher they can have my money.

NYC_Gamer2747d ago

they are lame compared to the wwf/wcw games on N64

Rainstorm812747d ago

Wrestlemania 2000 FTW

Me and my friend mad e numerous belts and fought for hours for various titles, that and No mercy and the Def Jam wrestling games have yet to be matched to this day

nevin12747d ago

WCW/WWF N64 wrestling games were limited by Nintendo using Cartridges. But despite its greatness, Here Comes The Pain had a million flaws that should of been addressed in the Vs Raw series. Instead THQ switch the formula to horrible results.

Tonester9252747d ago

Day of Reckoning on the GameCube! Had way too much fun with that game. They tried to implement breaking up grapples mid move in WWE 12' but nothing compared to WWE Day of Reckoning

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The story is too old to be commented.