EA to announce new franchise on September 28

The announcement o f new franchises always gets a gamer's attention and it looks like Electronic Arts will be doing just that very soon.

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Jakens5852d ago

I am betting on a skateboarding game...I believe I saw it on GameSpot or something.

By the way, It will be hardly the game Tony Hawk has become after eight years of doing them, (great).

Jakens5852d ago

Another game it could be called "Dead Space" This unannounced horror game was hinted at in an issue of OXM by a certin mole.

zypher5852d ago

MGS, Halo, GTA, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Madden, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo...these are pretty much the biggest franchises in gaming history. considering EA own's Madden, and already has a worthy racer, that leaves the following genres: action/espionage, action/horror, rpg, open-world action sim, or an fps.

shotty5852d ago

Resident evil and Grand Turimo are not that big considering that you missed Mario. Anyways,im sure it's another title that ea will try to milk.

zypher5852d ago

you're right, Mario would rank right up there. however, i personally don't see EA trying to compete with Mario, especially how contested the franchise has been lately with Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter. thats why i didn't mention Mario...oh, and with the exception of Gran Turismo, i was thinking more along the lines of third-party developers. i was thinking more mainstream franchises

BlackCountryBob5851d ago

They wont try and rival GTA coz they already did with Godfather, it wont be a racing game coz they already publish Burnout and need for speed so they wont wanna lose sales, It wont be a FPS as they already publish Half Life 2 and the Timesplitters series and I assume they will also publish Haze from the same developer, my guess is a platformer to rival Mario or possibly a fantasy action adventure similar to Zelda! A survival horror game a la Ressy evil is possible but I think they would recognise that Capcom and Konami own this genre and everyone else who has tried to immitate it has pretty much fell flat on their face!