Firaxis needs to realize that X-Com is brilliant because it's "broken"

X-Com is the story of the underdog because of "broken" design, and that's what makes the game so memorable. Will Firaxis' Enemy Unknown re-imagining do the same?

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Sadie21003182d ago

Ha, at first, I was gonna jump on this writer for saying X-Com is broken, but I see what he means by that. Yeah, that old design philosophy would never work today. Gamers are such babies!

THR1LLHOUSE3182d ago

My cynical gut reaction is to say that of course they'll "fix" it. That's how games are these days...but from what I've been hearing these Firaxis guys seem to really love the original game. So who knows, I guess.

Mithan3182d ago

An opinion from a game site that doesn't suck or isn't made to get hits. Nice.

dedicatedtogamers3182d ago

If you go to Game Informer's website, there's an interview with the three lead designers, where they say their favorite parts of the game are perma-death, line-of-sight, soldier stats, destructable terrain, and a ton of upgrades to research. There may be some minor tweaks here and there, but it seems they are trying to maintain everything that was awesome about the original game.

SybaRat3182d ago

It's still important to make updates to accommodate how people game opposed to how they gamed nearly 20 years ago, when the original X-COM came out. I'm not saying they should make wholesale changes, but we've seen a LOT of refinement to gameplay theory and design in those two decades, and that shouldn't be abandoned any more than the elements that made X-COM a classic.