Stringer : Sony sold over 200,000 PS3s in USA following Black Friday

Although Nintendo and Microsoft have disclosed the sales figures of their respective consoles we were yet to hear anything from Sony regarding the official sales figures of PS3.The chief executive of Sony sir Howard Stringer in an interview with Bloomberg has finally disclosed the official sales figures of PS3 post Black Friday. This is what he had to say :-

"Stringer today said the company sells about 200,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in Europe each week, and 40,000 to 50,000 in Japan. It also sold more than 200,000 in the U.S. following ''Black Friday,'' the day after Thanksgiving."

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TANOD5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

Although they updated their x360 sales post black friday they havent done it for ps3.

As claimed by Stringer 200k + ps3s were sold solely in USA let alone Canada and Mexico.

So Vgcharts PS3 figs for NA last week could be shy off by as much as 45000 units.

same goes to EU sales . The last week sales could be shy off by as much as 40/50k units.

I hope Vgcharts correct their stats now.

The french x360 sales of Vgcharts are also highly exaggerated since MS themselves claimed last week that they touched 500k units sold last week

barom5036d ago

wow 200k a week in europe
and 50k a week in japan

that's a million a month right there.

celticlonewolf5037d ago

Know that he is talking about sold to retailer not after that(and to show that Im right al we need to do is wait a coupel of days for NPD). Why people get all bent out of shape when companys claim this I dont know. Sony sells to retailers thats where they get there money so thats the numbers that they count thats whats inportant to them. Now of course if they dont sell at retail then sony cant sell more to the retailers so its all linked to get me wrong. Companys can follow sales to retailers far more easy and alot less money than they can to consumers. Anyway good news for sony.

TANOD5037d ago

He is talking about sales to customers .

since SONY doesnt sell consoles to retailers on a weekly basis .

It is rather a monthly basis / a period basis.

x360s sales were adjested in Vgcharts and so should the ps3s.

If you look at the top retailers of EU especially Spain,Italy ,France and Germany then you can see that their charts are dominated by ps3 games

Loudninja5037d ago

Do you know what you even talking about?

TANOD5037d ago ( Uncharted is SOLD OUT at UK's biggest retailer) ( site not updated since 1st Dec.)

PS3-PES bundle as well as sole PS3 are on the top 100 charts of most of those retailers

Snukadaman5037d ago

poor idiot is posting everywhere on every topic concerning the ps3 and sale figures....lets see if they keep up the momentum after the holidays nasim/ guess is after the holidays you go back into your self imposed excile too hide the shame...

hardcorehippiez5037d ago

yes ill admit that there seems to be a lot of ps3s in stock but on the approach to the xmas holiday season thats actually a good least any1 going to buy one wont be dissapointed when they cant get 1. and another thing as of lately the ps3 is restocking regularly so that means its selling. still think wii own this holiday season tho even if it is in short supply

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TANOD5037d ago

The barcode at the end of the box also provides an invoice to SONY when a console is sold to a customer through retailer

gololo5037d ago

not on real think everytime someone scans that bar code it registers in sony database and the figures are updated....WRONG!!! They have to wait to hear from retailers...

celticlonewolf5037d ago

Over the net to which one is right or wrong if vgcharts are way to low for the ps3 then they should adjust them and it will mean that you were right that they have sold over 200,000 a week since Black friday(to customers) . If the sales are close or even over for the ps3 acording to vgcharts then it will show that they ment to retailers not customers. All we have to do is wait lol.

TANOD5037d ago

just look at them

PS3 is doing phenomenal in EU beating the wii in some places , very decent in NA at the moment and decent in JAPAN (40--50k per week )

why argue when u can find the truth yourself

celticlonewolf5037d ago

Im not saying the numbers are off lol what is wrong with you? lol All I said is that I think he means to retailers not consumers lol. Did I ever say the numbers were off? My you are touchy about sales arnt you lol.

Kururo5037d ago

they would have used "shipped" instead of "sold"

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